The Curious Case of Gwendolyn Butler

October 13th, 2010 by Dick Johnson


The Curious Case of Gwendolyn Butler

OK, I don’t actually know if Boston’s notorious "$3M Bartender" Gwen Butler was really christened Gwendolyn at some point in her life, but I just thought it sounded better in the title.


Anyhoo! PX This hereby presents the following NEWSFLASH: Gwen Butler’s recent appointment as General Manager of La Esquina has been terminated. We repeat: GWEN BUTLER HAS LEFT THE BUILDING.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

No? Why should you actually care, you ask? Who gives a goddamn, you inquire?

Well, New York magazine’s Grubstreet cares! So nyeah. And frankly, we here at PX This care too. And YOU— curious, sagacious, cognizant, voracious, zealous associate of the NYC Food & Beverage industry— maybe you should care too. Think of it as a compelling case study!


You may recall Boston’s scandalous "$3M Bartender"/"Full Comp"-blogger first made her big splash in NYC as anonymous-writer/Keith-McNally-pillorer "Sympathy for the Restaurant Industry."
She trundled through various undertakings, searing her mountainous brand upon the backsides of venues across the great island of Manhattan— Bubby’s, Daydream, Thunder Jacksons, etc— all culminating in an unprecedented and uproarious smackdown with Wonder Douche dumb chef, Ryan Skeen.*
Still, she managed to emerge triumphant, landing her "dream job" as GM of longtime über-hotspot, La Esquina.

Unfortunately, despite her entrusted duty-bound title, it wasn’t long at all before Butler was up to her old shenanigans, unable to resist the siren call of glorious foodie-blog superstardom. It seems that under Butler’s deft Deep-Throat email-wielding hands, La Esquina soon came under befuddled stupefied scrutiny, and avid supporters of "co-owner" Serge Becker were suddenly left scratching their heads wondering if they should take their patronage elsewhere.

Apparently, this didn’t bode well for La Esquina’s bottom line; "an insider" from the restaurant approximates it may even have possibly diminished the nightly cover estimate by as much as "30 percent," as the cool crowd moved their party up the street, to fellow chronic cool-dude Nur Khan‘s Kenmare.

However, another "La Esquina insider" tells us that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of Butler’s "wackadoo" tenure. As early as July 30, 2010 (mere weeks into Butler’s regime) the staff had already organized a mass email campaign to owner Derek Sanders, imploring the ejection of the newly-instated Butler.
Truth be told, we here at PX This have been fielding the plenitudinous grumblings ever since.


That surprises you, doesn’t it? I mean, after all, the whooole "blogger world" (whoever the hell that’s supposed to be) considers us to be "the La Esquina shit-talkers" (whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean)—
don’t they, dear?
[Please, by all means, hit that “La Esquina” tag-link, and just revel in all the "shit" we’ve been talking. While you’re at it, try the “Gwen Butler” tag-link too, and then maybe you can figure out what we’ve ever done to have Ms Butler trying to unofficially "blacklist" us from La Esquina for weeks now. According to a "La Esquina insider" (or two, or four, or more) that is.]


Oh waaait, never mind, I got it. It’s this comment here by our chieftain, isn’t it?


Well— you certainly can’t say she never told you so.



*Yeh, don’t think we didn’t catch that snide ignorant little dig on your Twitter page before you deleted it, Ryan Skeen.



Viva La Esquina!



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25 Responses to “The Curious Case of Gwendolyn Butler”

  1. Ha! Says:


  2. Inkslinger Says:

    How many current/former La Esquina employees does Abbe have as her Facebook friends? I count 9 (not even including Gwen Butler).

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It’s about time!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    ding dong, the witch is dead

  5. Dick Johnson Says:

    Oh, and Gwen-

    I realize you’re probably begging your ol’ pals, Grubstreet’s Daniel Maurer and Eater’s Greg Morabito not to run with this story, or to print “your side” instead-

    But I gotta admit, I’m just dying to see what you come up with in counterclaim.

    I’m ready for you! Let’s tango, honey!


  6. Capt K Says:

    Guess the lesson in all this is I better start paying more attention to those blind items! lol

  7. Capt K Says:


    Or maybe the lesson is don’t fuck with PX This! lol

  8. Dishwasher Says:

    Considering everything that’s happened in the past, i don’t know why anyone would still want to fuck with Abbe ;)

  9. MILFweed Says:

    Well it took me awhile to finally get through all the links but I got the full picture now. That girl has got to be one of the dumbest people I have ever heard of. After everything that you guys did defending Thunder Jacksons when Beater was shitting all over it this is the thanks you get? And how stupid can she be making enemies of you guys? That you knew all along what was happening at Esquina and she never even saw it coming is insane. It’s the same thing all over again with the other food blogs. They could be swimming in all your insider information but they are so jealous and petty that they fuck with you instead. If I were you guys I would be doing everything in my power to see to it that she never works in this town again. She already got run out of Boston. It looks like it’s time to pack her bags again. There’s always Canada honey!

  10. Capt K Says:

    Milf, she won’t be getting a job where I work, don’t worry! lol

    Whenever someone pisses me off now, I’m going to tell them “Don’t make me blacklist you, shit talker!” lol

  11. Dick Johnson Says:


    Not to mention the shit Abbe took from Gawker because Butler blogged anonymously. What was it they called her when they accused her of being Butler? Oh right, “batshit crazy”.


  12. abbe Says:

    i’m back :)


    who’s up for dinner at La Esquina?


  13. Inkslinger Says:


    Yeah, couldn’t help but notice the hypocrisy of Gwen Butler being hired at La Esquina as “news” on Grubstreet, but her spectacular firing from La Esquina is somehow *not* news.

  14. Dick Johnson Says:


    What else do you expect from graduates of the Josh Ozersky Academy of Shady Journalism?

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Gwen is friends with James’ GF

  16. Amazing Says:

    That would make sense – since Jame’s GF is a homewrecking coke pig with a face that looks melted rubber and a used Christopher St condom.
    ****S N A P ******

  17. Anonymous Says:

    That is how Gwen got the job. But she fucked up everything.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Does Gwen work for Diablo Royale now?

  19. Capt K Says:

    Omg, she’s baaaaaaack!

    1) Anonymous industry blogger? Check.

    2) PX This wannabe? Check

    3) Cheapo freebie blog account? Check.

    4) Obvious industry/grubstreet connection? check check and check!

    She’s like an addict!!! lol!!!

  20. Capt K Says:

    Oooops, the grub link

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that after Gwen got fired from La Esquina she got a Director of Ops title but she already got fired again.

  22. Dick Johnson Says:

    Thanks, Anonymous. Was that a D.O. title at Diablo Royale?

    Huh. They only have 2 locations.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    lmfao! Not 100% sure but after Diablo she making sandwiches at the counter at Torrisi, then I think she was at Little Giant and The Smith. How many places can you crash and burn in a year!?! :O

  24. Cecily Says:

    I had the unfortunate displeasure of working with G. Butler. -wonder if she got fired for getting into fisticuffs with fellow employees?

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Cecily

    As far as I know she got canned for general suckiness. But she has been known to get physical (in more ways than one).

    When did you work with her? Just curious.

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