The Blabber in the Trenches

June 2nd, 2010 by Dick Johnson

The Devil Eats Jerk Pork. NOT.

The latest captivating chatter in and amongst the industry has Anna Wintour rumored to have already slapped Serge Becker‘s latest not-yet-open downtown "café" with a preliminary smackdown. As you may recall, one of Becker’s other establishments, La Esquina, was recently unjustly obstructed from doing business for three days, and some speculation seems to place an irate neighbor at the core of that unwarranted temporary shutdown. Unfortunately for said neighbor, La Esquina was quickly found to be "in compliance with New York City building codes," and the Department of Buildings is said to have "scrambled" to rescind their erroneous judgement after an attorney and judges from as far away as Washington DC were consulted (presumably to help expedite the matter faster and more efficiently than New York’s frustratingly backlogged bureaucracy) on the arguably distorted assessment of celebrity-haven La Esquina’s "imminent… peril… to life."

Here we go again? The recent salacious out-and-about tittle-tattle has Anna Wintour allegedly warning Serge Becker to refrain from throwing "parties" at his new currently-under-construction exotic eatery, located (perilously?) close to Ms. Wintour’s abode.
LOL! Silly Anna. Every night’s… ♪♪ a holiday at Huuurleeey’s! ♪♪ [Quick: name that movie.]

In any case, Serge Becker & Co. might best hope a set of new $10,000.00 soundproof windows can propitiate Ms. Wintour. But frankly, we can’t help but suggest they get down on their knees and pray she doesn’t decide to implement a strategy that could conceivably be classified a "C*ntyNasty," whereby she would perhaps exert her powerful influence to contribute to the restaurant’s undoing, only to open her very own ‘hotspot’ hash house located conveniently close to her residence.

Does Anna Wintour have 311 on speed dial? Would downtown NYC be better served by a more subdued bistro, with a menu based entirely on supermodel-satiating lettuce leaves and water, than a "café" offering up callaloo and whatnot? Stay tuned!
Ahh, so starts the wintour of our discontent…


For more details on Graydon Carter and the strategic implementation of “the C*ntyNasty” read PX This – The Revised Edition and PX Me – The Sequel to PX This (Coming Soon in the Spring of 2012)


** See our latest UPDATE on Serge Becker’s newest enterprise **


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16 Responses to “The Blabber in the Trenches”

  1. Vanilla Ice Says:

    “…that could conceivably be classified a ‘C*ntyNasty’…”

    lol…i guess so, since you just conceived it.

    also you said “C*ntyNasty” and “down on their knees” lol

    when did it become pxxx this?

  2. Ha! Says:


  3. abbe Says:

    FOR LOVE OR MONEY starring michael.j-fox and gabrielle-anwar

    what do i win?

  4. Inkslinger Says:

  5. Inkslinger Says:

  6. Anonymous Says:

    its the former Le Gamin space on north side of Houston

  7. Dick Johnson Says:


    Uh, thanks Anonymous! It’s also going to be called Miss Lily’s, but we just wanted to point out that you didn’t officially exactly hear it from us first!

    Although we, of course, do find it amusing you didn’t hear it from anyone else first, either…
    so I guess that means you kind of did hear it from us first. Ooopsie.


  8. Dishwasher Says:

    Ahhhh so you didn’t say the name and location on purpose! I see, I get it now.. ;)

  9. Inkslinger Says:

  10. Inkslinger Says:

  11. Inkslinger Says:

  12. Inkslinger Says:

  13. Inkslinger Says:–dvb-s-marriage-secrets-laid-bare-and-gaga-late.htm

  14. Inkslinger Says:

  15. Inkslinger Says:

    I love how The Post takes this story and runs with it a month later.

  16. Inkslinger Says:

    “By abbe_diaz on 07/22/2010 at 9:19am

    Aha ha ha ha ha haa.
    You know what’s really funny? That somehow, certain parties involved don’t think there’s actually a substantial contingent of people out there who see right through all this nonsense as if it’s glass. (Gooood thing all the cute kids and fabooloos don’t read Grubstreet, right?)

    I’m only commenting, because as usual, I want to be the one who said it first:


    * * * * * * * * *
    For more on this subject (and others just like it!), read PX This Too – Coming Soon in the Autumn of 2010. Bitches.”

    :D LOL!

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