NEWSFLASH: Josh Ozersky is Unethical

June 25th, 2010 by Dick Johnson

NEWSFLASH: Josh Ozersky is Unethical (and/or “Dumb”)

When we last visited the subject of Josh Ozersky, he was deservedly being ridiculed on national television. Well, it would appear his latest shameless attempt at self-aggrandizement has backfired as well. Some people never learn.

Ozersky, known in and amongst the industry as a "clueless, over-bloated, publicist-indentured sycophant" and "notorious freeloader," apparently penned a "self-centered and egomaniacal" editorial for Time magazine about his own recent wedding, wherein he "extolled the virtues of using restaurant chefs instead of caterers," "prais[ed] the food to the skies," and then failed to disclose all the goods and services he received for said wedding were completely gratis.
For all you non-Latin-speaking folks at home, that means Josh Ozersky engaged in a blatant breach of journalistic integrity.


I know, I know, you’re arching your brow right now and wondering, "Sooo— where’s the newsflash, Dick? I may not speak Latin, but this here folk at home knows allll about this tool already. Isn’t this what PX This has been saying all along? I mean like, duh!"

Hey, I was being sarcastic in that title up there, OK? Plus, there is another point I wanted to make:

See all this pertinent new information in here I wanted to add to a previous story?

Well, that’s how you do an update, you unethical fucking scumbags.





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16 Responses to “NEWSFLASH: Josh Ozersky is Unethical”

  1. Inkslinger Says:

    BRAVA!!!! BRAVA!!!!


    ***Throws Flowers***


  2. Captain Kangaroo Says:

    He writes for Time now? Oh God.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    That was really stupid of him, not to mention so transparent. Anyone that’s ever met him or reads his work can see that this was just another pathetic way of making himself look good, because just like he said on TV, he’s always been a poor lonely fat kid with no friends.

    All he wanted to do is name-drop all the “cool” people that went to his wedding, but all it did is make him look stupid. Steve Hanson? Jeffrey Chodorow? Food writers? Lame.

    I went a wedding 2 months ago, and there were 3 accomplished chefs there, 4 well-known restauranteurs, 1 nightclub owner and 1 bona-fide celebrity.

    And this was a wedding for a WAITER.

    So Josh, congratulations again on looking like a pathetic douchebag.

  4. insider Says:

    the funny thing is that those people would not be his “friends” if he wasn’t a food writer. they’re just trying to use him for their own purposes.

  5. JT Says:

    You forgot “Josh Ozersky is a Hypocrite”

  6. JT Says:

    But I love how the article quotes Conant and Campanaro, two of the biggest press whores in NYC.

    ““No one can afford to give food away in this economy,”

    Right, but I bet you can afford a $6G a month publicist, douchebag.

  7. PX! [Guest not affiliated with this website] Says:

    Hey! I just found this link after Googling Ozersky, never even knew this site existed. But I just read the book about two weeks ago! Loved it,good stuff.

  8. PX! [Guest not affiliated with this website] Says:

    Btw, Ozersky just died.

  9. PX! [Guest not affiliated with this website] Says:

    Aaaand I just realized that there’s a second book? Will definitely be reading it, keep up the good work.

    Sad about JO, but I had my own experience and perceptions on him so…..

    Ah, well. RIP

  10. Steven Wilson (PX This) Says:

    Hi “PX!”
    (If you don’t mind, I may edit your handle to “Guest” so as to not to confuse visitors; your handle seems to imply you are affiliated with this website.)

    Thank you for your kind words and the information about Josh Ozersky.

    Yes, there is a second book, titled “PX Me,” and it does contain details about Mr. Ozersky’s and New York Magazine’s multiple unethical journalistic transgressions against author Abbe Diaz.

    On behalf of PX This, our condolences go out to his friends and loved ones.

  11. Dishwasher Says:

    Abbs, do you realize that your comment that Josh deleted from his BS article about you said, “there’s such a thing in the universe called ‘karma,’ and its faces are plentiful and powerful”??

    To use your own phrase, “just sayiing”.

  12. abbe Says:

    hi Dishwasher – thank you :)

    and just wanted to reiterate our condolences to his family and friends.

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