“eew, that’s gabriel-snyder” [UPDATE]

February 16th, 2010 by Dick Johnson

"eew, that’s gabriel-snyder" [UPDATE]

Right now, most of you are likely asking, "Who the hell is Gabriel Snyder?" Well, let me remind you!

Gabriel Snyder is the former managing editor of a website called Gawker. As you may or may not realize, PX This has a long, long, sordid history with Gawker. Well, to make a lengthy story short: Our founder, Abbe Diaz, was once a fan of Gawker. She was an early advertiser with them, a longtime avid, insightful "commenter" and even the subject of several of Gawker’s blog posts. Then one day, Gabriel Snyder effectively censored Abbe Diaz’s opinion by "banning" her without just cause or valid explanation, in a manner contrary and hypocritical to Gawker’s ostensible comment/discussion system.


This just in: Gabriel Snyder has been replaced as managing editor of Gawker.

I know what you’re thinking – "That’s so amazing, Dick Johnson! You’re so awesome!" [Thank you!]

But, you’re also thinking, "Really, though, who gives a shit about that dweeb? We actually don’t really care."

Yes, I know, I see your point. But, there is another point I wanted to make:

See the "[UPDATE]" in the title of this post up top?

Well, that’s how you do an update, you fucking scumbags.


For more on this story, please read PX Me – Coming soon in the Spring of 2012



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10 Responses to ““eew, that’s gabriel-snyder” [UPDATE]”

  1. Inkslinger Says:

    ***Standing Ovation***


    ***Whistle Whistle***

    ***Throwing Flowers***

    :D :D

  2. MILFweed Says:


  3. MILFweed Says:

    Hey Abbs I wanna reserve an advance copy of your second book. I’ll pay for it. And I also want the revised first book. Signed please.

  4. abbe Says:


    “Mystified” ? Puhleeze.

    Gabriel Snyder was a jerkface. Doubled their traffic, did he? Ha ha ha yah okay.

    Newsflash: That’s what’ll happen when you when you update your content 24/7. Even I have quintupled my traffic in the mere months since my site was re-launched, but I’m smart enough to realize it mostly comes from google searches (more content–> more keywords–> more hits–> more traffic). Duh.

    That doesn’t make you relevant. My friends on Facebook and New York Blips are far more pertinent aggregators. I haven’t read Gawker in months and I don’t miss it at all, and this is coming from somebody who used to be on that shit more often than Gawker posted about Julia Allison.

    Snyder traded up quality for quantity and everybody is scratching their heads in bewilderment?

    Gimme an effin break.



  5. Inkslinger Says:

    Hey! No playing and posting on other sites until the book comes out! Get back to work! :P :D

  6. abbe Says:

    i’m goin in
    i’m goin in
    i’m goin in
    i’m goin in

    and i’m a go hard


  7. Ha! Says:

    He even looks like a dork!!

  8. swee Says:

    Right-o, Abbe. That’s probably exactly why Gabe was asked to take a backseat. Gawker hasn’t been a relevant go-to site since Elizabeth Spiers, but Gabe definitely put the nail in the coffin with his so-called “star” commenters and pathetic Twitter-wannabe functions. I haven’t been reading it lately either. What’s the point? To listen to a bunch of teenage commenters from Canada and the Midwest try to out-snark each other with their obvious lack of worldliness? The only difference between Gawker and 4Chan is that 4Channers actually know they’re retarded. For all their desperate wannabe attempts, I bet that Star, People and Us Weekly kick their ass traffic-wise.

  9. Trollai Llama Says:

    “Gabriel Snyder’s Gawker was actually a tedious piece of crap….”

    Just wanted to copy this great comment from NY Mag, since we do know how comments that disagree with NY Mag’s fawning, incessant circle-jerk have a tendency to mysteriously disappear.

  10. Dick Johnson Says:

    What’s really funny is that if you Google “Gabriel Snyder”, that NY Mag article doesn’t even show up, but the one that they wrote about him ages ago when he first took the job at Gawker is right there on the first page. Even ours comes up faster and we’re on Page 3.

    What’s it called when you make it so that a web page can’t be searched? Is it ‘unindexable?’

    Could they have done that to this new article about Snyder, because the comments about him on it were so bad? It seems like they wrote that fawning article to help him get another job or something.

    They’ll probably erase the comments after a little while, and then they’ll make it searchable! LOL.

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