PX This: The Series – Watch the Teaser

August 22nd, 2012
PX This: The Series - COMING SOON

  “Per Variety, Daily Show correspondents Jason Jones and Samantha Bee have inked a deal with CBS to write and star in a sitcom about a celebrity chef and the two women who run his empire. That has eyebrows raised over at PX This, since, it turns out, their queen bee Abbe Diaz has spent […]

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Mark Baker & Vicky Andren / Stockholm

September 17th, 2010

The wedding of Mark Baker to Vicky Andren in Stockholm, Sweden.

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‘Ello, Guv’nor!

April 30th, 2010

Oi! So, you think you know what’s what, what? Well, let yer ol’ chum Mark Baker tell you the bloody score, chap. This nightlife business isn’t all jolly good fun ‘n games, innit. This is serious bloody business; you’d be positively knackered and gobsmacked if you’d ever seen some of thing ‘e’s been through. Bloody […]

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December 9th, 2009

• Tuesday, December 8, 2009. 8:30PM – Matt Dillon, Andre Balazs, Ric Pipino, Justo Artigas, Mark Baker, Cat Wei, Nur Khan, Roy Liebenthal, Ronnie Madra, Natalie Kates, Sasha Muniak, Nick Rytting, and (of course) Sante D’Orazio at the opening night party for the Barely Private exhibit at Milk Studios.             […]

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Best, Pee Ex This Dot Com

October 16th, 2009

• Admit it, you couldn’t have cared less about Juliet, the new Todd English helmed restaurant/lounge reportedly opening someplace in Chelsea. Well, it turns out your hosts are Mark Baker and Artan Gjoni. All of a sudden you care just a little bit now, don’t you?   • Speaking of Todd English— for fuck’s sake, […]

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PX This presents: The Travel Series

September 21st, 2009

hey remember when i said everybody is travelling this month? well in honor of peoples gallivanting alls over the globe when they should really probably be back home honoring all their responsibilites and whatnot, PX This is proud to bring you the first installation of our new, ongoing TRAVEL SERIES… … wherein some of the […]

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