Mark Baker & Vicky Andren / Stockholm

September 17th, 2010 by The House


GREATEST HITS: PX This [The Blahg]

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"Mark Baker and Vicky Andren"

MONDAY, AUGUST 8, 2005. 10:48AM:

we just got back from europe, we went to the wedding of mark-baker and vicky-andren in stockholm, sweden.
wow, it was lovely. and totally fascinating.

weddings are such a trip.
ah haaa. literally

… there was rebecca-de.mornay and angie-everhart and ingrid-seynhaeve. and at the table with us was caroline-winberg (and her boyfriend "of two years" who apparently runs the Lydmar Hotel, he was really nice) and erik-wachtmeister who is the dude that founded aSmallWorld…


yah so then after that faboolous weekend in stockholm, we dropped by barcelona, spain…


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This is an abbreviated version of Abbe Diaz’s diary/blog entry on August 8, 2005, for archival purposes only. A far more detailed, thorough, and incisive account is to be included in Diaz’s upcoming second book, PX This Too (The Sequel to PX This) – Coming Soon in the Autumn of 2010


* "…The intellectual community, as usual, showed itself to be timid and divided, and even the most unexpected graphologists engaged in controversies regarding their inconsistent analyses of my handwriting. It was they who divided opinions, overheated the polemic, and made nostalgia popular…. Make no mistake: peaceful madmen are ahead of the future." – Gabriel García Márquez



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