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August 22nd, 2012 by The House


Per Variety, Daily Show correspondents Jason Jones and Samantha Bee have inked a deal with CBS to write and star in a sitcom about a celebrity chef and the two women who run his empire. That has eyebrows raised over at PX This, since, it turns out, their queen bee Abbe Diaz has spent over a year shopping a treatment based on her own book about her experiences with Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Eric Goode, and Sean MacPherson. A PX This rep, Angel Yamura, tells us that at this time they have no proof it’s anything other than a coincidence, but it’s a pretty ‘big’ and ‘odd’ coincidence. Meanwhile, Yamura says Diaz’s Webisodes will start filming in early spring (Michael Imperioli, Steven R. Schirripa, and John Ventimiglia of The Sopranos are onboard for cameos) and will debut on PX This’s site mid next year, assuming the producers can find someone fierce enough to play the role of Diaz. We can’t wait to see how they cast the character that’s ‘loosely based’ on Jean-Georges.” – New York Magazine










Teaser-trailer featuring: Michael Satow and Briana Packen
Produced by: Briana Packen
Edited by: Corey W. Howell
Director of Photography: Alexander Khudokon
Music Director: Modern Beats, Inc.



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Have you heard?
Until the release of PX Me – The Sequel to PX This (Winter 2012 April of 2013), this website will henceforth be updated only intermittently (approximately once or twice a week).
Abbe Diaz’s new (daily) blog is now at: abbediaz.com



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