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March 19th, 2012 by The House


GREATEST HITS: PX This [The Blahg]

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mon 04.10.06

have you ever wondered how media stories get made? no?
oh right, it’s probably because you assumed they’re conceived, researched, formulated, and then written/presented by journalists, yes?
ha ha ahah gawd you’re naive.

sometimes, stories just get stolen.
what’s that? not a big deal, you say? well, there may have been a time i was so apathetic i might have completely agreed with you— after all, i aint no journalist, ‘the fuck i care? but then i started seeing all sorts of reports in the media about the media written by the media, and you would be amazed how these very same journalists clutch their pearls and wring their hands and bunch their panties over such a thing. seriously, google it. try using search terms like "media" and "attribution" and "aggregation" and "the future of journalism" for example.

… so, i just thought we’d add this little transgression here to Gawker’s long list of shadiness and fuckfacedness toward PX This and yours truly. ya know, just for the record.


• from the sun 04.09.06 blahg entry on pxthis.com:

… a lot has been speculated about the whole Jared Paul Stern and Ron Burkle ‘Paid Six’ scandal this weekend, everybody everywheres is talking about it and there have been all sorts of articles written about it like in USA Today and in The New York Times and whatnot.

well! here is a amusing take on it you perhaps hadn’t considered. i love it because it’s from the perspective of the little people, just another one of those oh so unassuming attendants like me who take your coat and arrange your table and serve your dinner and clear your dishes and change your ashtray and smile sweetly while fawning and catering to your every capricious desire—
all the while watching and listening and quietly observing every stupid mundane petty trifling oblivious move you make:

From: "F" <FMC@___.com> | Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2006 11:35:41 | To: "Abbe Diaz" <pxthis@yahoo.com>
Subject: Page 6
… Ok, [Jared Paul Stern] is a fool, [Ron] Burkle is a street hustler/savvy guy. He was offended at the inattention he got from his letters and calls. He wanted to teach them a lesson. JPS is a popcorn from Philly. Burkle smelled it, set up the sting, tipped off the [New York Daily News] etc… JPS never saw it coming because he is not street smart, Burkle played him like a fiddle …


• the following day, from the comment section of Gawker’s "Payola Six: Stern on the Art of Editing Video" [note: PX This gave this particular Stern/Burkle scandal the much-cooler-and-more-concise moniker, "Paid Six." haah at least Gawker didn’t steal that. but you can tell they totally wanted to, yes?]

by Bartender at 01:31 PM on 04/10/06
Well, I guess this is why a certain nightclub owner, whose hot place just happens to be mentioned in Page Six pretty often, sent an email to a blogger (pxthis.com), calling Jared Paul Stern a "fool" and a "popcorn from Philly".

why thank you, Bartender! my, that was awfully gracious and informative of…
oh but look, what have we here?


• From Gawker editor Jessica Coen, on 04/10/06 at 4:14PM
"Payola Six: Let’s Talk About Burkle, Shall We?"

there’s "the lack of evidence against Stern casts a harsh light on Burkle" and "suggests that Burkle, who’s going through a nasty divorce, has something to hide" and "certainly makes one rethink Stern — who has admitted to some sort of wrongdoing, though to what extent remains unclear — and his role in the larger situation. Deep, right?" amongst a whole mess of other words delineating some newly-googlied particulars on Ron Burkle—
but of course, there isn’t a single mention of the comment by "Bartender" referring to the inside information obtained from my website less than three hours earlier.


mmhmmp. so yeah.
sometimes that’s how media stories get made.

i’m just sayin.



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* "…The intellectual community, as usual, showed itself to be timid and divided, and even the most unexpected graphologists engaged in controversies regarding their inconsistent analyses of my handwriting. It was they who divided opinions, overheated the polemic, and made nostalgia popular…. Make no mistake: peaceful madmen are ahead of the future." – Gabriel García Márquez



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