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GAWKER.COM (Addressing its Deep-Seated, Misguided, Sad, Twisted Jellussy)

Started: March 29, 2007. 5:33 PM by *Bartender* • Closed: October 27, 2010 4:37PM • Archived at 21,018 Views




ADJUNCT SUBJECTS : Former Managing Editor Gabriel Snyder, Former Gawker blogger Joshua David Stein, Former Gawker blogger Emily Gould, Gawker blogger Hamilton Nolan, Former Gawker blogger Sheila McClear, Top Chef contestant Leah Cohen


GIST OF TOPIC : How most of the former Gawker bloggers (as well as its former Managing Editor) were sooo intimidated by Abbe Diaz, they disparaged her, engaged in blatant breaches of journalistic integrity, and then effectively censored her by banning her from commenting (twice!) without just cause or provocation, in a manner completely contradictory to the rules they themselves set forth for all "future" commentators.

(Not to mention their prior treatment of her under the previous Managing Editor, Choire Sicha— wherein it basically looks like they tried to misappropriate the subject matter in Diaz’s book, PX This, for their own glorification and/or personal gain.)

Yeah! We got some reeeal winners here.


SIGNIFICANCE: Oh, where do we even begin? Seriously, it’s a lot to absorb. So much so as a matter of fact, that Diaz’s second book, PX Me – The Sequel to PX This, is comprised largely of Diaz’s delineation of Gawker’s mind-boggling sordidness.

This long and fascinating discussion, as it unfolded, is (to some extent) its "real-time" counterpart.
Its overall sentiment can perhaps be best summarized thusly, in a comment made on Gawker’s website by PX This contributing-writer/editor *VanillaIce* aka *TrollaiLlama* aka *clue4sale* right before his (and Diaz’s) commenting privileges at Gawker were revoked :

"I suppose this is the part where we’re supposed to smile, and pat you on the head and say, ‘Good little troll. Now, be on your way.’

Was there some part of ‘I’m tired of seeing her being called crazy’ that you didn’t understand?

From what I can tell, Abbe has never directly addressed you (or any other troll here) at all, except to respond to one of your unfoundedly rude, obnoxious comments toward her. And yet you continue to follow her around, in some kind of desperate attempt to gain whatever attention you feel you’re lacking.

You call her batshit, you’ve called her a drunk, you’ve implied she’s of the mental state to commit sucide, you’ve accused her of wanting to ‘fellate’ a man she’s never met, without a single fact to back up your disgusting libelous statements.

Your half-hearted backpedaling doesn’t impress me. It’s as pathetic as Josh Stein’s cowardice, a so-called journalist who persistently wrote pejorative things about Abbe, but interestingly, has never had the balls to face her as she taunts him comment after comment. In contrast, Abbe lives, works and socializes in NY, amongst the veritable titans of their field that she has boldly exposed as the conniving, thieving, manipulative, backstabbing, spoiled cretins they are.

I dare you to back up your claims about Abbe’s craziness. I dare you and Josh Stein both.

I double dog dare you."


To this day, neither Gawker nor Joshua David Stein have ever retracted/updated their erroneous assertions. Former Managing Editor Choire Sicha has failed to explain his iniquitous actions. Former Managing Editor Gabriel Snyder has never justified his injudicious behavior in censoring Abbe Diaz.



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4 Responses to “GAWKER.COM”

  1. Vanilla Ice Says:

    “that’s what… Gawker managing editor Choire Sicha said”

    lol! worth the 5 stars alone

  2. Dick Johnson Says:

    Thank you! We’ll be here all week.

  3. MILFweed Says:

    Abbs I can tell from everything that’s happened plus your talented writing that your second book is going to be rad. But did you tell me once that a psychic or something told you that it’s actually going to be your third book that’s going to be a major hit? I don’t know if it’s any consolation to you now but I can definitely see how someday you are going to be considered a pioneer in book publishing and marketing. As a person that used to work in PR I can tell you that alot of this kind of stuff happened to you because they are deathly afraid that people like you are going to make their jobs obsolete. Think about how alot of types of journalism are dying and you know that it’s already halfway there. Newspapers and magazines are just the first step because they cost so much to run. But it won’t be long before the Gawkers of the world follow because people will always rather get info from people directly in the field like you instead of these know-nothings. That is why they try so hard to squelch you.

  4. MILFweed Says:

    I just scanned that old thread. I didn’t even remember half that stuff but reading it again almost makes my blood boil!

    But it’s great stuff for your next book Abbs. Really great. Maybe it was all meant to be.

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