The Hostess Diaries Conspiracy

June 22nd, 2010 by The House

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Started: May 27, 2008. 12:47 PM by (Forum Administrator) *jo* • Closed: June 22, 2010 11:56PM • Archived at 15,935 Views


PRIMARY SUBJECT : New York Times article "My Year at a Hotspot" by Coco Henson Scales, July 11, 2004


ADJUNCT SUBJECTS : Former Managing Editor Choire Sicha, Former New York Times food critic Frank Bruni, Former Hue hostess Coco Henson Scales (and friend, William Diggs)


GIST OF TOPIC : Did Choire Sicha and/or Coco Scales (along with Frank Bruni) "conspire" to misappropriate the subject matter in PX This for their own glorification and/or personal gain?


SIGNIFICANCE: In June of 2004, Abbe Diaz purchases a short-running advertising spot within to help publicize her book, PX This – Diary of the "Maitre d’ to the Stars" [nee Diary of the Potted Plant]. Within several weeks of that advertisement, the aforementioned article in question, “My Year at a Hotspot,” appears in The New York Times, ostensibly written by former (prominent PX This "character" Karim Amatullah‘s) Hue hostess, Coco Henson Scales.

Gawker Editor Choire Sicha declares the article the "best celebrity venality exposé ever!" and goes on to exhort, "if Gawker had a required reading syllabus, it would consist entirely of this article." He then further exalts the article by declaring Coco Scales "The People’s Hero" on his personal blog as well, (now semi-defunct).

Within hours, "fans" of PX This ("anywhere from 15 to 35 people") send e-mails to Sicha drawing attention to Diaz’s book, with at least one pointing out Diaz’s status as a former Gawker advertiser. Diaz herself forwards a mention of her book in the Daily News to Sicha. Sicha responds via e-mail to Diaz (and at least one "enthusiast") but, despite referring to himself as a “big fan,” fails to publicly acknowledge the existence of Diaz’s book in any way.

It is later discovered the climax of Scales’s riveting narrative is completely fictional.

Upon speculation as to how a fictional essay (by a previously unknown/unpublished writer) could possibly appear in the New York Times as a non-fictional feature in the first place, it is discovered Choire Sicha "dated Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni for a few months."

Scales has written nothing since.


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*Pictured (from Choire Sicha, Former Gawker blogger, Emily Gould


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For more information on the media’s unscrupulousness toward PX This and its author, Abbe Diaz, visit

or read PX Me – How I Became a Published Author, Got Micro-Famous, and Married a Millionaire – Coming Soon in Winter 2012 April of 2013



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6 Responses to “The Hostess Diaries Conspiracy”

  1. Vanilla Ice Says:

    yeh i think this one is my favorite ever


  2. swee Says:

    That thread deserves 5 stars.

  3. G Says:

    That William Diggs email is classic! What a dipshit. It actually sounds like the email is written by Coco Scales and not the article. That’s why she never wrote anything else, she’s a moron.

  4. Via E-mail from "Anonymous" Says:

    “Re: Emily Ghoul
    This is actually the photo of emily gould
    you want to use whenever you reference her.
    Unfortunately, the youtube video it’s from was removed.”

  5. Curious Says:

    Does anyone know if Choire Sicha is still Frank Bruni’s boyfriend?

  6. Til8x8x8x8is4 Says:

    You all are srsly nutcase. Coco is a good person. You are not. I am so sorry I found your shitty website. I’m going to send this horse garbage to her. And I hope she sues the dogshit out of you. You are truly nothing.

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