The Curious Case of Coco Henson Scales

February 17th, 2014 by The House



** UPDATED 05/18/2015** : NY TIMES STAFFER Continues to Harass/ Threaten Author for Unveiling Alleged NY TIMES Impropriety

The IP address behind the cyber-harassment/threats on this website by “Wanda Smith” aka “til8x8x8is4,” against author Abbe Diaz, has been traced to the residence of a current New York Times staffer at the center of the controversy. An Aggravated Harassment report has been filed with the New York Police Department.

The New York Times has been contacted and has not responded.

A follow-up post with complete details is forthcoming HERE.


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Dear New York Times,

I am a freelance writer currently working on a manuscript about the New York City fine dining industry. Included therein will be an account of bestselling restaurant “exposé” author and former “maitre d’ to the stars,” Abbe Diaz, who also alleges that she has been the victim of journalistic improprieties partly perpetrated by your organization. I quote from e-mails recently sent to Joel Stein of Time magazine, New York Times staff writer Charles Duhigg, and media blogger Jim Romenesko by this author:

“1. Mounting evidence suggests that in 2004, the (then) foremost New York Times restaurant columnist, the head editor of Gawker, and a New York Times photographer (and his sister, ‘Coco Henson Scales’) colluded to misappropriate the nonfictional story in my self-published book (diary of a hotspot hostess/ maitre’ d’), released mere weeks prior to a very similar but falsified essay [“My Year at a Hotspot”] which appeared in the New York Times, in an apparent attempt to garner a ‘book deal’ and/or ‘screen option’ for themselves.”

“2. I have been trying since 2010 to hire a freelance writer/journalist to investigate and pen an objective account of the matter; last year the owner of Gawker, Nick Denton, forbade any writers associated with Gawker to accept my $1,000+ offer, under threat of termination and/or blacklist.”

“3. In the meantime, since the 2004 publication of my (humorous) industry ‘whistle-blowing… tell-all… exposé,’ the New York Post, New York magazine, Gawker, and Eater have all published misinformation and/or engaged in other unethical deeds of varying degrees on multiple accounts about me, my work, and even my husband’s businesses.”

Could you please direct me toward the proper person who might shed light on “how, against all odds, a 4200-word semi-fictional essay by a fledgling (and now, seemingly non-existent) writer with admittedly very little expertise and no upper-tier title in one’s field, came to be published in the venerable New York Times as a substantial nonfictional feature— particularly without any ‘questions asked’ nor ‘arguments clarified’ nor ‘factual errors caught’ (as per the Times’s Op-Ed submissions page) about daughters of former United States presidents”?

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to conduct a quick e-mail interview with the proper Times official for use in my forthcoming authoritative nonfictional book as well Ms. Diaz’s ongoing memoir. I believe any information provided by your institution would be engaging, enthralling, and of tremendous value to our readership. Several media outlets have also expressed interest in supplementary publication of my final report.

Thank you in advance. Please pardon the affectation, but I must sign off with a nom de plume to protect my job within the restaurant industry and the integrity of my insider observations until their release.

Warm regards,
Steve Wilson

CC: Joel Stein, Charles Duhigg, Jim Romenesko, Gawker, Abbe Diaz


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“We believe the prime value of journalism is its power to impose transparency, and thus accountability, on the most powerful governmental and corporate bodies…”

Right, but not on journalistic bodies.

Here’s something I found fascinating while researching my own story about a different “outspoken critic”: Did you know that if you inquire of media entities (like The New York Times, or Gawker, or New York magazine for example) of verified journalistic transgressions within their organizations, their response is an unequivocal “No comment”? The New York Times even goes so far as to openly state, “It is our policy never to discuss our editorial process.”

Uh huh. “Our long-term mission is to produce fearless, adversarial journalism across a wide range of issues. The editorial independence of our journalists will be guaranteed.”

YAWN. Yeah, “fearless.” Except when it comes to each other, right?

– Comment left at New York magazine by PX This contributor *Ferrer*

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** UPDATED 05/18/2015** : NY TIMES STAFFER Continues to Harass/ Threaten Author for Unveiling Alleged NY TIMES Impropriety


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22 Responses to “The Curious Case of Coco Henson Scales”

  1. Inkslinger (PX This) Says:

    This update to “The Hostess Diaries Conspiracy” excerpted from Chapter 10 of PX Me (The Sequel to PX This) has been provided to facilitate the sudden influx of visitors from Google searches using the terms “Coco Henson Scales,” starting on February 16, 2014.

    For more detailed information about the ongoing investigation regarding the alleged improprieties perpetrated by The New York Times and Gawker along with “Coco Henson Scales,” read PX Me – How I Became a Published Author, Got Micro-Famous, and Married a Millionaire.

    If you have found this web page while searching the terms “Coco Henson Scales,” we would appreciate any information as to your sudden curiosity. Please feel free to leave any explanation within the Comments or email:

    Thank you.

  2. Q Says:

    And to think that The Times used to be such a bastion of the media. No wonder journalism is dying. Times has been downsizing like crazy lately, and Gawker is being far outpaced by Buzzfeed! lol

  3. Dick Johnson Says:

    Remember this?

    “You have so little class (unlike Coco), and are obviously so beneath EVERYone, I don’t think I’ll bother with you anymore. You’re nothing but an under-educated foul mouthed wretch. You’ll be on the sidelines cursing at your betters forever. Tata, loser.”


    If Abbe is the “loser” on “the sidelines”, pray tell where or where does that leave Coco, I wonder?

    Oh, wait– no, I don’t! Because I’ve seen a preview of Chapter 10!

  4. Inkslinger (PX This) Says:

    @ Dick Johnson

    Haha! Don’t you love how I keep putting “Coco Henson Scales” in quotes? :D

  5. Ferrer Says:

    Seriously though, the lack of disclosure on “Scales’s” article is bad enough, not to mention the subsequent “no comment” from all media parties involved.

    The fact that the premise of the Times’s story seems stolen (and then falsified) is a whole other sleazy nail in the coffin.

  6. Ferrer Says:

    Don’t even get me started on the owner of Gawker threatening to blacklist journalists…. Oy!

  7. Inkslinger (PX This) Says:

    @ Ferrer

    Don’t even get ME started on Frank Bruni and the Times “gleefully endangering the livelihoods of thousands of innocent hardworking people, based entirely on their subjective predilections” [also quoted from Abbe’s emails]!!!

    And then to STEAL the work of another writer???!! :O

  8. Ferrer Says:

    Don’t get ME started on the hypocrisy of the media, muckraking and pointing fingers at everyone else (sometimes wrongfully!), only to clam up when they are the ones under the microscope! How dare they? What ever happened to all their calls for “transparency”?

    We could do this back and forth all day! :D

  9. Inkslinger (PX This) Says:

    @ Ferrer

    Oh! I see what you did there!!! :D

    Well, don’t get ME started on how NY Mag hired Jay McInerney to write a huge article doing ‘damage control’ for Jean-Georges after Abbe’s book came out, addressing every issue that Abbe raised, WITHOUT EVER ACTUALLY MENTIONING THE BOOK. Shady!!!

    And then for other media outlets to STEAL the story and re-write it, while still actively undermining Abbe because they are kissing Jean-Georges’s ass??!! :O

    I’m free all day if you are! ;)

  10. Ferrer Says:

    It’s worth noting that the following comment failed to pass the “profanity/spam” filters at both The New Yorker’s and New York Magazine’s websites. It was finally posted after multiple complaints, days after the most sigificant portion of the article’s audience had long moved on:

    “Well, my comments have been scrubbed from The New Yorker’s website, let’s see if they manage to squeak through here.

    Newsflash, journos: All this is a big YAWN to everybody but yourselves, and the rampant duplicity, hypocrisy, and hearsay on the part of the media these last few days is downright pathetic.

    If by some chance you decide you’d actually like to be informative and significant to your CIVILIAN readership for a change, feel free to start by addressing at least this one pragmatic and straightforward question:


Will Dean Baquet have a shred more journalistic integrity than Jill Abrmason, do you think? Thanks to The New Yorker, I now know that Abramson is very friendly with Frank Bruni, which does explain a lot about why a simple inquiry into a certain alleged Times impropriety [link to this page] keeps getting swept under the rug.

    How about just answering that one question?

    Oh and by the way, the offer for a journalist with a set of balls and a basic set of ethics still stands in the $10,000 range. Anybody? Anybody?”

    – Comment left by me at New York Magazine

  11. Dishwasher Says:

    Dick Johnson!!!

    Holy shit I just finished reading the book, and Chapter 12, wow!!!


    My question is so what happens now?? When are heads gonna roll???!!

  12. Dick Johnson (PX This) Says:

    @ Dishwasher

    Awesome, isn’t it? :)

    We’re working on rolling some heads. ;)

  13. Dick Johnson (PX This) Says:

  14. Wanda Smith Says:

    Your head is so far up your ass. Because YOU haven’t a scintilla of talent, you assume coco is (puke) like yoour nothing ass.
    Let it go. She wrote it. She didn’t like the writer’s life, and lives happily with her husband and daughter.
    I will tell you this, though. IF I ever find your twisted weave within reachin’ distance of me, I will likely break your neck- if you have one, you no-necked piece of filth.
    Coco has something you lack- talent,looks, personality, and a life that isn’t buried beneath a pile of shit. That’s you.
    I hope you die soon. I’ll keep my eye you, cunt.

  15. Jackie Says:

    Oh man, this is effing hilarious.

    Hey Wanda, I mostly follow Abbe’s other blog, and this is you, right?

    Of course it is. I’m sure it’s very easy to confirm, but I am betting that no two people who hate on Abbe this much could be so equally stupid and illiterate.

    Unlike you, I’ve actually read Abbe’s books. And anybody with a brain can see as clear as day that even if Coco did write that Times article, which is laughably implausible, it still does not negate all the ethics violations committed by all the people and media organizations involved.

    And yeah, we already know where Coco is. We read Abbe’s book, remember?

    You have the nerve to call us “nutcases,” and yet even though Abbe has brilliantly laid out the whole sordid story for everyone to see and believe with their own eyes, all you do is lob insults as your defense of your “friend.”

    Speaking of which, seeing as you are her only friend (yes, we can all easily tell that you’re also the stupid and illiterate “William Diggs”), where are all the friends that helped publish her article in the first place, since she is as great as you say she is?

    I don’t see Gawker or the Times defending her at all. They are actually screaming admittance of their guilt with their failure to comment on these very serious allegations of their ethical transgressions.

    And we are the ones with our heads up our asses? You should take a long hard look in the mirror.

    One more thing, if you ever dare to threaten Abbe or anyone else ever again, I will make it my personal mission to see that you are dragged kicking and screaming like the filthy pig that you are into this mess which you keep insisting on sticking your idiotic neck into with all your pathetic and ignorant insults.

    If you weren’t so clearly mentally impaired, I would suggest that you review the precedent set by Cohen vs Google.

    Here is another promise for you. If you ever are within reaching distance of Abbe, I will be sure to be there too. Trust me when I tell you that I will see to it that both your arms and your ugly troll face are broken in pieces before you even get a chance to get anywhere near Abbe’s neck.

    Run along now, and round up all Coco’s media friends who helped her steal Abbe’s intellectual property if you want to defend Coco’s reprehensible actions so much.

    Because nobody believes for one second that Coco is a good writer or that she is a good person. Along with Abbe’s brilliant book, we have all read “Coco’s” shitty article too, I guess you keep forgetting that.

  16. Me Says:

    Your failed life sounds miserable. Turning tricks for old men,deluding yourself into thinking you’re a writer? Please.
    Just kill yourself. Make the world a better place.

  17. Steven Wilson Says:

    New York Times Staffer Cyber-Harasses and Physically Threatens Author For Unveiling Alleged NY Times Impropriety

  18. Jesus Palacios Says:

    you one fucked up shitbird abbediaz.can spend so much time flingin shit at someone like Coco. LMFAO And this thot got nuttin to back any adis filt up. abbediaz need to get back out on dick ridin patrol. the other trannies mis that ol diseased azz and mouf. gi ittup, fake. you fake and you dat turn out for you.wanna watch how

  19. Steven Wilson Says:

  20. Jesus Palacios Says:

    You’re a nutcase.
    But if you don’t take your shit about Coco??
    You WILL lose the bullsit you have.

    ll change your mind.
    Keep an eye on your front and your back: WHORE.
    You disgusting piece of smegma.
    I’d go to the electric chair laughing, if I only got to kill you.

    Cubt. Attack someone you don’t know.
    Also? You can’t write worth a shit.
    Why don’t you kill yourslf?

  21. Steven Wilson (PX This) Says:


    A New York Times staffer at the center of the controversy has issued multiple malicious messages and physical threats against author Abbe Diaz, since the release of PX Me – The Sequel to PX This in July of 2014. The apparent motives and complete timeline of the cyber-harassment and physical threats are HERE:

  22. daaaang Says:

    lol never even heard of the website before, followed a link from reddit.
    no wonder the times is crash n burning w/ idiot staffers like this. lol
    and apples don’t fall far from the tree. FACT

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