“Mercer… Lobby… Screaming”

August 25th, 2010 by The House

Greatest Hits: PX This [The Blahg]

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"PX This Mercer Lobby Screaming"

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2005. 11:38AM

OMG, I got thrown out of the Mercer hotel yesterday aha ha ha ha ha ha.

Oh okay that’s not entirely true. Actually I left quietly of my own accord— because I am more than sufficiently aware that Lois Freedman (Director of Operations for Jean-Georges’s restaurants) doesn’t even have the fucking authority to kick me out of the Mercer hotel.

Yah so anyway, it was a real scene, oh you should have been there. The best part was when Lois Freedman started screaming at Marc Bagutta at the top of her lungs, "GET YOUR GIRLFRIEND OOOUT OF HEEERE! I’LL CALL THE COPPPS! IF JEAN-GEORGES WAS HERE, HE WOULD THROW HER OUTTT PERSSSONALLY!" I swear I thought her head was going to start spinning all around like that demonically possessed chick in that spooky exorcist movie.

And there were lots of other people (like Dean Winters, for example) sitting in the hotel lobby too, trying to quietly enjoy their wine and tea and whatnot, so they got some free entertainment. Oh I am sooo bummed I didn’t have any PX This business cards on me to pass around like "thank yooou, we’ll be here all week."

By the way, if you’re wondering why in the world Lois Freedman would suddenly just bust out with her best impersonation of Large Marge, the lady truckdriver in Peewee Herman’s Big Adventure— alls I can say is: hmm, beats me!

So then anyway, today Marc and I called AB Hotels corporate office trying to understand why we are supposedly "NOT WELCOME EVVVERRR!" And they were very surprised to hear the news and so sweet to us saying this is not the case at all since we are such good and frequent patrons of the Raleigh hotel in Miami (and plus cuz we’re so fabulous) that we are welcome "ANYTIME, ANYWHERE," they even offered to send us a written apology. Yay! (They also said something along the lines of "Lois who?" but oh never mind.)

Anyway, so that very same day after we’d left Mercer hotel, my pal "Bunny" Kim (who also used to work for Jean-Georges) and I strolled over to Cipriani Downtown to have some bellinis, because the poor thing needed a drink since she was so suddenly and unexpectedly subjected to Lois Freedman’s freaky ballistic apeshit episode–
and hee ehee it was great, when we recounted to everybody what just occurred in the Mercer hotel lobby, they were so amused and felt so sorry for us they comped our drinks and sent an entire meal from the kitchen too.

Then afterward since we were in the area, we decided to pop into Kittichai around the corner.
And it was great, it just so happens Dwayne Collins, who also used to work with us for Jean-Georges, is now the general manager of Kittichai. So when we recounted to everybody what just occurred in the Mercer hotel lobby, they were so amused and felt so sorry for us they comped our drinks and sent an entire meal from the kitchen too.

And right then chef Cedric Tovar happened to walk in, and it was great, when we recounted to him what just occurred in the Mercer hotel lobby, he was so amused and felt so sorry for us he invited us over to Django (so he could comp our drinks and send an entire meal from the kitchen too).
Geezus if we had kept going, we probably could have eaten for free all week long all over downtown NYC.

… but we were totally stuffed and couldn’t handle any more food so instead we decided to head over to Butter to check out the new Monday night party thingie by Richie Akiva & Scott Sartiano & Ronnie Madra. It was really Bunny Kim who wanted to go, so I was kinda totally prepared to despise every last minute of the experience. But actually, it was pretty great!
And I saw Liev Schreiber & Drea Dematteo & Andre Harrell & Sean Lennon & Vincent Gallo & (of course) the Olsen twins. And that was just in the mere forty minutes we stayed, a whole mess of other fabulous people were pouring in just as we were trying to get the fuck out. Maybe I’m just too old fer that shit…


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This is an abbreviated version of Abbe Diaz’s diary/blog entry on February 22, 2005, for archival purposes only. A far more detailed, thorough, and incisive account is to be included in Diaz’s upcoming second book, PX This Too (The Sequel to PX This) – Coming in the Autumn of 2010


* "…The intellectual community, as usual, showed itself to be timid and divided, and even the most unexpected graphologists engaged in controversies regarding their inconsistent analyses of my handwriting. It was they who divided opinions, overheated the polemic, and made nostalgia popular…. Make no mistake: peaceful madmen are ahead of the future." – Gabriel García Márquez



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