Kenmare (née Civetta) – UPDATE

February 26th, 2010 by Vanilla Ice

Underground parties land cool new Nolita club Kenmare in hot water [the Daily News]
"New A-list hot spot Kenmare wound up in hot water after State Liquor Authority officials read about underground parties there in the gossip pages, the Daily News has learned… But that’s not how the owners of Kenmare portrayed the spot to the State Liquor Authority when it was granted a liquor license in early February… ‘We are paying close attention to them,’ said SLA Deputy Chief Executive Officer Michael Jones. ‘They are supposed to be operating as a restaurant.’ …Kenmare could face penalties as severe as losing its liquor license."


Huh. Is that right?

Well, hmm— what was that you said again, Gawker? Something about our original breaking coverage on the transformation of the former Civetta being "not true," right after you misquoted us and incorrectly paraphrased our bulletin?

Oh but wait, we do admit perhaps we were somewhat remiss when we later mused, "…what does ‘the new Beatrice’ even mean?" and subsequently suggested you were "narrow-minded, short-sighted… ignorant" and "asinine" for creating such a nonsensical description of Kenmare née Civetta in the first place.
I guess we should apologize. We kinda totally ‘get it’ now.

Gee, it looks like Kenmare may very well be "the new Beatrice" after all.


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4 Responses to “Kenmare (née Civetta) – UPDATE”

  1. Dishwasher Says:

    Can’t say I have any sympathy for them. Real restaurants have to go thru alot of red tape and bureaucracy, CB boards, etc. just because of places like this. As a person that has spent a fortune on legal fees and expediters so that everything can be done aboveboard, I’m not sorry for them at all. It looks like they could definitely lose their license, because they can take licenses away for much smaller reasons than this, even if you have just 2 more tables than your license allows…

    That’s what happens when people think that they are above it all.

  2. Paul's a Douche Says:

    Yea Paul, let’s hear some more trash talking about The Standard now!! Just bc they spend millions to run a cool business while you always run your biz like a low-life scumbag. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all a front just to get kickbacks from all the coke dealers. Next time don’t bother trying to get investors, just use some guy’s apt like that other douche!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    That’s what you get when you “leak” all your celeb “sightings” to Page Six.

  4. virgo Says:

    good points. but i’m sure kenmare will also be just like beatrice….. if you say you don’t like it, they’ll say it’s just “because you can’t get in.”