Journalists = Rocket Surgeons

October 30th, 2014 by Dick Johnson


PX This proudly presents the latest in our ongoing "Why Are Journalists So Fucking Dense?" series:

from: Simon Owens <>
to: px this <>
cc: Steven Wilson <>
date: Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 12:51 PM
subject: Re: Prominent Journalists Commit Intellectual Theft, Libel, Cover-Up, Against Author/ Former "Maitre d’ to the Stars"

Provide me proof that "Gawker owner Nick Denton forbade any writers from accepting her investigative-reportage challenge, under threat of termination and/or blacklist" and I’ll gladly promote your book.


from: px this <>
to: Simon Owens <>
bcc: abbe diaz <>
date: Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 2:29 PM
subject: Re: Prominent Journalists Commit Intellectual Theft, Libel, Cover-Up, Against Author/ Former "Maitre d’ to the Stars

Enclosed is a screenshot of (former?) Gawker writer Nick Douglas forbidding any of the writers of his blog, Slacktory, from accepting the investigative reporting job offer under orders "straight from Nick Denton." (You may have to zoom in, and then scroll down to the comments, please.) It reads:

"ATTENTION SLACKTORY WRITERS: Any of you who take this job will be summarily fired, and your health insurance retroactively revoked. I have orders straight from Nick Denton, for whom I still obviously work."

And here is the entire accusation/allegation at Quora, where at least two former Gawker writers and a former head editor are members:

Despite PX Me having been published for months now detailing all the allegations, we have received no denial nor response from anybody at Gawker. Nick Douglas himself merely sent this rebuttal e-mail to us:

"Your client Abbe Diaz has publicly insulted me and accused me of breaches of journalistic ethics. Please do not attempt to contact me for any professional matters related to Diaz."

Again, no denial.

We have sent letters to the New York Times several times alleging their role in the impropriety and have received no response. The e-mail may be seen in its entirety here:

Please let us know if we can provide any further information.

Thank you,
Steven Wilson



Simon Owens
to me

Obviously a joke. Slacktory isn’t owned by Gawker, and Nick Douglas wasn’t working for Gawker at the time. Nice try though! Hey, now you can put in your future press releases: "Simon Owens has personally tried to bury our story."



to Simon Owens

Prove it was "obviously" a joke, and we’ll gladly add you to our press releases.

It says right in the comment, "Denton… for whom I still obviously work."

Are you calling Nick Douglas a liar? Maybe we’ll put that in our press release too.



Simon Owens
to me

That’s it, I’ve just banned all the writers who work for me at Fox News from ever writing about your book or mentioning it on the air. Don’t ever expect to be a guest on Sean Hannity or the O’Reilly Factor. Maybe next time you’ll realize it’s not worth challenging us in the mainstream media since we’re the gatekeepers.



to Simon Owens

Oh, we don’t challenge you because you’re "gatekeepers." We do it because you’re assholes.



Simon Owens
to me

Just for that, I’ve ordered all my engineers at Microsoft to remove your name from Bing search results.



to Simon Owens

Yawn, Simon Owens.

If you are trying to turn down a $10,000 job offer, "no thank you" would have sufficed.

Nice "journalism."



No response. What a shocker.


The Society of Professional Journalists Ethics
• Seek Truth and Report It
• Minimize Harm
• Act Independently
• Be Accountable and Transparent



** This has been a PREVIEW excerpt from Abbe Diaz’s upcoming fourth book, PX My Ass You Blatantly Unethical Hypocritical Douchebag Mutherfukkers. COMING SOON **


*** This post is a "joke." Aren’t jokes fun? ***



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• “That is genius.” — Joel Stein, Time
• “Perfection.” — The New York Observer


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2 Responses to “Journalists = Rocket Surgeons”

  1. Inkslinger (PX This) Says:

    So much fun! :D

  2. Dick Johnson (PX This) Says:

    “Some pretty awful injustices were perpetrated on the part of way too many journalists. If any journalist tries to tell you otherwise, that person is being an ass#ole.”

    Can we please send that to Simon Owen with the message, “I’m pretty sure he means you”?

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