Adam Wiercinski: Fraudster / Extortionist

November 6th, 2013 by The House

Adam Wiercinski MANGIA

** UPDATED 4/29/14 **
Mangia VINDICATED in Final Verdict of Wiercinski vs Mangia

Here is Adam Wiercinski aka Adam Jamroz (again). He was employed as a part-time delivery person for over 20 years at popular Midtown deli/caterer Mangia, where he recently attempted to defraud the company by thrice filing fallacious lawsuits. The strategy for his attempted six-figure extortion evidently includes the vilification of the company to intentionally damage its reputation and viability by advantageously utilizing the media, manipulating its gullibility and hunger for sordid controversy by exploiting the Jewish plight, deceitfully claiming he was the victim of racism and racial slurs. His malicious accusations include such venomous figments of the imagination as being called "little Jew," "stinking Jew," and "dirty Jew." In a particularly atrocious fabrication, Wiercinski/Jamroz concocted a repugnant scenario wherein a manager would "often pass gas in front of [him] and say, ‘here’s your Zyklon[sic]/Cyclone[sic] B, you stupid Jew.’"

Blah blah yeah yeah PX This, we’ve already seen this before, years ago. Why are we re-hashing all this again; what is your point? Our point is: we finally got our hands on the latest court transcripts, and oh man they’re a real doozy. Where do we even begin.

Well, you may recall we last left Adam Wiercinski aka Adam Jamroz withdrawing all his claims against his former employer (and thus, his lawsuit) in order to avoid prosecution for perjury. Wasn’t that a laugh riot.

Especially since immediately after his case was dismissed, he then turned around and tried to file the very same lawsuit, merely in a different district— despite its utter IMPOSSIBILITY. But that didn’t stop Adam Wiercinski aka Adam Jamroz from contacting as many press outlets as he could, claiming that he had indeed filed a lawsuit against his former employer for perpetrating all the aforementioned atrocious fabricated scenarios, when in actuality the lawsuit was at that point as much a delusion as all the "harassment" and "abuse" he suffered. Hmm– bitter, vindictive, and malicious much?

Obviously, that didn’t stop some journalists from "running" with the fictitious story anyway, as if it were actually really real. But hey, can you blame them? This story had all the makings of a link-bait bonanza: Jews! Stupid little Jews, no less! Zyklon B gas chamber references! Holocaust! Pennies! Farts! It was as if Wiercinski had intentionally concocted these outrageous lies with the specific intention of provoking the most attention, ire, and sympathy for himself. No wonder the media was salivating so much; the only thing that would have made this narrative more scandalous were if Wiercinski had claimed that a dishwasher had raped him in the ass and mouth while screaming "heil Hitler!"

So what’s a news outlet to do with all this staggeringly appalling misinformation? PUBLISH IT, of course.

Facts? Proof? They don’t need no stinkin facts or proof. Grab your torches and pitchforks, mutherfukkers— we got a restaurant to burn! Let’s never mind all the seriously dire implications of a lying fraudster extortionist exploiting the Jewish plight, the entire Unites States legal system, and a gullible sensationalistic media– all on taxpayer dollars. Nooo, let’s just shut down the blameless 28-year-old midtown delicatessen.

Oh, which brings us to where we are now. Almost exactly four years to the day later, Adam Wiercinski aka Adam Jamroz is back, having evidently submitted his case before a federal court this time. Admittedly, we don’t really understand all the legal precedents mumbo jumbo, but Document 91 of the US Federal Districts Court details the process by which Judge I. Leo Glasser allowed Wiercinski’s case came to be tried before a federal jury despite it having been previously withdrawn from the State Human Rights Division to avoid criminal prosecution. In another document and memorandum, Judge James Orenstein states several times that Wiercinski is "not credible" while still allowing his case to progress.

Okay so, to try and make an interminable story long, Adam Wiercinski aka Adam Jamroz has finally had his day in court (again). After three days of testimony by witnesses from both sides of the trial, the jury awarded Adam Wiercinski aka Adam Jamroz one dollar in compensatory damages.

From the official court transcript:
Judge: "Did the plaintiff prove by a preponderance of the evidence that he was harmed as a proximate result of being subjected to am unlawful hostile work environment based on his Jewish ancestry and ethnicity during his employment with Mangia 57?"
Jury: "No."
Judge: "Nominal damages?"
Jury: "$1"

One dollar. However, that didn’t stop Adam Wiercinski from contacting as many press outlets as he could, declaring that he had "won" a $900,000 award from his former employer (which, by the way, supposedly called him "little Jew," "stinking Jew," and "dirty Jew" while passing gas in front of him and saying "here’s your Zyklon B you stupid Jew." Plus "Nazi" something!). He also somehow failed to mention to the press that during trial, his act as a plaintiff in a civil case invoking the Fifth Amendment over a dozen times to avoid incriminating himself, was so egregious that Judge Leo Glasser advised counsel, "I have requested a transcript of the examination of Mr Wiercinski… and I propose to forward them to the United States Attorney [for investigation]."

Despite the lack of all these consequential pivotal facts*, at least one national media outlet went so far as to trot Adam Wiercinski and a professional photographer all the way out to his former employer’s 57th Street location, having him pose smugly in front of the company’s big logo and picture window, but apparently it couldn’t be bothered to google Adam Wiercinski before running its specious story in the first place. A vague and cursory "update" came a day late and at least a correct verdict short, and comments from an official spokesperson for the defendant asserting these crucial facts were promptly and "mysteriously" deleted from beneath the article. God forbid we lose that awesome million-dollar "Nazi" headline, amirite?

Another major news outlet waited over three days to amend its erroneous article, despite direct contact from a spokesperson for the beleaguered defendant and several pleas submitted through their feedback section as well (which also included outraged readers’ comments calling for the boycott and demise of the wrongfully castigated restaurant, and urges for their collective rage to be “taken over to Yelp”). And naturally, dozens of media outlets subsequently "picked up" the destructive inaccurate story, spreading it far and wide across the city and the globe.

To be fair, the Brooklyn federal jury did rule against Mangia $900K in punitive damages; this much is true. Unfortunately for Adam Wiercinski however, by virtue of the $1.00 compensatory award, the punitive award becomes unconstitutional (and therefore unsustainable). We swear, look it up on Wikipedia. (Or here, we did it for you.) But okay, did you catch that— it’s a federal jury punitive award which is unconstitutional.

However, that still makes about seven Google pages of diverse worldwide sensationalistic media outlets’ reportage decrying said delicatessen potentially very harmful— but untrue, misleading, and just plain wrong.

Yeah so— that’s the state of the media, the US judicial system, and this creepy, self-serving, lying, exploitative sack of [bleeeep]…


*According to opposing attorney Daniel Kaiser (who left messages for New York Post journalist Laura Italiano after her initial inquiry, but was not phoned back until after the erroneous article ran), on October 29, 2013— one day after the New York Post coverage– the verdict was as of yet unavailable as official documentation, because the verdict had yet to be filed with the federal court. The implication being: the NY Post had simply taken Wiercinski’s word on his verdict and did/could not acquire the verdict in writing.


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** UPDATED 4/29/14**
Mangia VINDICATED in Wiercinski vs Mangia



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7 Responses to “Adam Wiercinski: Fraudster / Extortionist”

  1. Dick Johnson (PX This) Says:

    Somebody left this comment on the 411NSIDER post, and it’s SO GOOD that I had to post it here too:

    “After seeing the court docs, there is no way that 900K is getting handed to this clown.

    It is a weird verdict tho. If they didn’t believe the plaintiff, the punitive makes no sense. If they did believe him, the compensatory makes no sense.

    The punitive is way too harsh anyway, nobody died, one manger calling a worker nasty names does not make the company egregiously invidious> It does not show the company acted with malice or intent. It does not show that this was a recurring problem, it was an isolated incident.

    The judge did advise them on damages, but they obvs didn’t get it. Love the judge’s reaction at the end “How much?” Would have loved to see the look on his Honor’s face, wonder if he rolled his eyes.

    Take it back to the judge, he will toss it right out. You can’t go around filing lawsuits and then plead the Fifth the whole time.

    Dishwasher got it right, sounds like the jury was just dumb. Either that or they really wanted to fuck with this clown the same way he fucked with them for three days. Make him think he’s getting rich and then laugh when he finds out what punitive means.

    Dying to know if the US Attorney Office started an investigation yet. No job, no damages, no more SS, and possible jail time. This guy should be shitting himself instead of taking pictures looking like the cat that ate the canary.” – by Saul Goodman

    Man, if even Saul “Better Call Saul” Goodman won’t have your back, you know you must be a real scumbag.

  2. Huff Blo Says:

    lol. sorry, i know it’s not funny but now the thought of this guy going to jail instead of becoming a millionaire makes me laugh

  3. Vincent Nunes Says:

    He’s gonna make Bubba a nice new wife in the can.

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