Beware the “Delivery Boy” Grifter

November 2nd, 2009 by Dick Johnson


** UPDATED 4/29/14**
Mangia VINDICATED in Final Verdict of Wiercinski vs Mangia

Here is Adam Wiercinski aka Adam Jamroz. He was employed as a part-time delivery person for over 20 years at Mangia corporation, where he recently attempted to defraud the company by twice filing fallacious lawsuits. The strategy for his attempted multi-million dollar extortion evidently includes the vilification of the company to intentionally damage its reputation and viability by advantageously utilizing the media, manipulating its extraordinary gullibility and insatiable hunger for sordid controversy by exploiting the Jewish plight, and deceitfully claiming he was the victim of racism and racial slurs. His malicious accusations include such venomous figments of the imagination as being called "little Jew," "stinking Jew," and "stupid Jew." In a particularly atrocious fabrication, Wiercinski/Jamroz concocted a repugnant scenario wherein a manager would "often pass gas in front of [him] and say, ‘here’s your Zyklon[sic]/Cyclone[sic] B, you stupid Jew.’"

According to some documents obtained from the Mangia corporate offices, Wiercinski/Jamroz filled out a W-4 form as early as 1998 as "Adam Jamroz." At a different Mangia location, he filled out another W-4 form, this time using the name "Adam Wiercinski," with the same "Hillside Ave, New York" address but an entirely different social security number. W-2 forms indicate both "Adam Wiercinski" and "Adam Jamroz" received wages from Mangia at different intervals and from different locations over the decades-long span.

It also appears Wiercinski/Jamroz attempted to defraud the Social Security Administration. Aside from obtaining/having/utilizing two social security numbers, he created fictitious letters (as recently as January 2007) to the Social Security Administration that, as a personal favor, he asked an oblivious Mangia office assistant to type for him. One letter, citing Mangia’s 57th Street location as its home/return address, indicate a "Mr Jamroz" is issuing a loan to "Mr Wiercinski" due to his "ailing health" and "excess rent." They go on to stipulate that if the "SSA" continues to "hold back" a "remaining balance… Mr Wiercinski WILL NOT be able to repay me the money… and my entire family will be in serious financial turmoil." The letter then claims Mr Jamroz has "already entered a lawsuit against Mr Adam Wiercinski."
He then asked the office asssitant to type another letter, back-dated "December 2004," specifying that the "under-signed parties," Adam Jamroz and Adam Wiercinski, are "entering a [loan] agreement," culminating with Wercinski promising "to pay back the monies [to Jamroz] as soon as I receive the lump sum from the SSA."

Prior to his first (May 2009) court appearance to present his fraudulent case to the State Commission, Wiercinski/Jamroz approached a representative of Mangia outside the courtroom doors and proposed, "Just give me $300,000.00 and we’ll call it all off. Otherwise, we go in."

Despite the ample evidence Mangia presented to the courts, Wiercinski/Jamroz persisted with his malevolent scheme— until asked if he intended "to continue perjuring [him]self."

In response to an inquiry on the (October 2009) re-filing of Wiercinski/Jamroz’s (disposed) fraudulent lawsuit, the attorney for Mangia (Roger Juan Maldonado) confirms: "There is no merit to the case. Wiercinski, represented by counsel, agreed to withdraw his claims with prejudice— to avoid potential prosecution for perjury. This means he cannot re-file the claims."

Several eyewitness accounts assert Wiercinski/Jamroz is (and/or has been) also employed as a delivery person at both Cucina&Co and Così.




October 24, 2013 (and again November 5, 2013 to include OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS)

(Translation in plain “non-legalese” English: “Since the verdict was clearly that the compensatory award was $1.00, then a punitive award of a total of $10.00 would be considered the maximum allowable under the Constitution.” Additionally, Wiercinski/Jamroz may be facing investigation by the federal District Attorney for fraud.)


** UPDATED 4/29/14 **
Mangia VINDICATED in Final Verdict of Wiercinski vs Mangia

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*** For more details on this subject and the subsequent unscrupulousness of the media, read PX Me: The Sequel to PX This – Coming Soon in the Spring of 2013 ***




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22 Responses to “Beware the “Delivery Boy” Grifter”

  1. WTF??? Says:

    There is a link in the comments at Eater

    but they have not printed any of this info. Same goes for NY Mag

  2. Dick Johnson Says:

    A screen capture for the comments (since deleted) from the original May ’09 article of the NY Post includes remarks that appear to be from Wiercinski/Jamroz himself (addressing Mangia attorney Roger Juan Maldonado).

  3. JHB Says:

    everyone knows that eater and ny mag have it out for abbe and sasha. remember the lies that ny mag made up about centro in the ‘2 for 8’???

    last week first eater lied about centro’s closing being a ‘system-wide’ issue and now they update their story by failing to print the facts about the case, and by attacking abbe and sasha again.

    i am seriously beginning to think that they are all racist against asians or inter-racial couples or something.

    with all the proof there is against eater, ny mag, gawker, etc for all the shit they’ve pulled the last couple of years, what other explanation is there???

  4. JHB Says:

    and ny mag/grubstreet still hasn’t updated the story, even after a commenter threatened to stop going to mangia. and another commenter has the nerve to say that we should all just slink away and do nothing about it.

  5. JHB Says:

    i would love to see how they would handle a lawsuit like this.

    abbe, there are libelous comments on that eater link. you should just GO AHEAD AND SUE THEM ALREADY.

  6. Ha! Says:

    That would really be awesome for Abbe to sue Eater for libel and racism and dragged their names through the mud.

    What kind of update is that on Eater anyway? They intentionally make it sound like Mangia is guilty, but they don’t say anything about how the lawsuit was tossed out for perjury. Hello??

  7. virgo Says:

    wow eater, grub st, and ny post are biased and shady as usual. what a shocker.

  8. Dishwasher Says:

    The stupid thing is that the claims don’t even make sense. He was mistreated for all those years but he still went back?? Why?? b/c he couldn’t get a job as a delivery boy someplace else?? And he waited 15 years to complain??? The whole thing is so stupid..

  9. Dishwasher Says:

    Oh someone else already said that under NY Post comments. Well it’s good at least 1 person had their thinking cap on!

  10. inkslinger Says:


    Haha this fucking case is ridiculous. They threw pennies at him while calling him a dirty kike? Give me a fucking break, like no other employee would notice if Schindler’s List was happening rigiht under their noses.

    Um plus, “They deliberatly only gave him small or heavy orders” um you mean they either gave him big orders or small orders? Yeah, those would be the two types of fucking orders in this world, wtf…

    (… I’m Jewish, btw)

  11. inkslinger Says:


    By sceneitall-

    Eater, you really might want to rethink what you’re doing here. For sure, Grub Street is the real asshole for posting that BS lawsuit in the first place without first checking their facts.
    But you are running a close second.
    The allegations being made are extremely ugly and will be harmful to Mangia. Did you ever stop to think about all the people who depend upon Sasha Muniak to earn a living? He’s been in business for over 25 years, do you really think that would be the case if the behavior claimed in the lawsuit was commonplace? Propagating a lie of this magnitude threatens the livelihood of a lot of innocent people.
    You would do yourself a favor to publicly admit being hasty on this and check out the facts independently. Abbe Diaz has her facts straight, but don’t take her word for it, do your job.

  12. fuck eater Says:

    eater is always a piece of shit unless u kiss their ass like david chang. can’t wait for the bogus mangia deathwatch that is sure to follow in 5…4…3……

  13. Inkslinger Says:


  14. MILFweed Says:
    Is that seriously the only update that Beater has to offer? Wow they are really some fucking pieces of shit.
    Abbs JHB is right. Calling you a “whore” and a “celebrity-fucker” is flat out libel. There have been other instances of the same kind of defamatory statements from them. The one good thing about lawsuits sometimes is that they set precedent for the suits that are worthy. Cohen v Google.

    Yes I agree you should definitely sue. DO IT.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Sasha is a dirt-bag of the highest level
    a shady person who has wronged many people
    what about how he didn’t pay Mangia’s employees insurance
    for over two months
    He deserves everything he is getting

  16. urstupid Says:

    woooooah in the 25+ YEARS he has been open he didn’t pay insurance for 2 WHOLE MONTHS????? and that’s why the place deserves to be sued for antisemitism???

    i’ve been working for the same resto for the last 6 years and i never got a day of insurance. if you don’t like working there why don’t you quit and go somewhere else. i know alot of people who will gladly take your job with the insurance you fucking sick disgusting shithead

  17. Inkslinger Says:

    Actually, Anonymous, you’re the dirtbag of the highest level. You are a twisted, depraved, cowardly asshole. The simple fact is, Sasha isn’t ‘getting’ anything. If he wanted, he could sell all the places he owns tomorrow and retire for the rest of his life. It’s the employees of those places that will suffer from all this disgusting baseless crap. They will all be out of jobs and income, because of one selfish, greedy, horrible person.

  18. Anonymous Says:


  19. whats anorexia? Says:

    :O this is awful & the media should be ashamed of themselves! that’s terrible!! & whoever said those nasty things about abbe just bc she defended her man that didn’t even do anything wrong is a big asshole!!! i can’t believe that people can be such scumbags!! :O :(

  20. John Smith Says:

    shut up and have a cookie!!!

  21. john.smith Says:

    scuse me, imposter: u shut the fuk up

    run n hide, they are coming 4 u. pack ur bags. can u spel deported? buh bye!

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