The Blabber… for the 99%

November 3rd, 2011 by The House


The latest blabber within the industry has insiders recalling that a former employee who worked at Milk Street Cafe (the deli and catering shop who claimed their "booming" business was devastated by Occupy Wall St) since its inception, and who left prior to the protesters setting up camp, had noted upon resignation back in September the eatery likely "wouldn’t last past Christmas." At the time, the dispirited staffer had complained of disorganization and inefficiency, referring particularly to its persistent lack of a Catering Manager and Catering Chef despite the enterprise having commenced operations months earlier in June, which subsequently hobbled its ability to procure new accounts.

It’s also worth noting that a similar "booming" deli/catering business which thrived in the very same location as Milk Street Cafe, continued to operate a full seven years past the undeniably disastrous September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001— which, needless to say, annihilated far many more businesses in the area than Occupy Wall Street.

PX This would like to take the opportunity to express our empathy and sympathy for our fellow laborers and businesspeople whose endeavors are impeded by the audacious efforts of those who actively protest against the grave injustices of our government and the calamitous corruption of our financial systems in hope of recognition, acknowledgement, and change.

But to those who would seek to lay blame on others for their own irresponsibility or negligence, we (as always) declare:


"Milk" this.



** See our UPDATE on Milk Street Cafe **



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4 Responses to “The Blabber… for the 99%”

  1. Dishwasher Says:

    Not to mention, isn’t there a lien on that building? How did that space get rented out in the first place?? ;)

  2. Small_Business_Creates_Jobs Says:

    Lol. So the reason Milk Street Cafe is failing is because they failed to hire more employees than they needed?

    And expensive administrative personnel like a “Catering Manager and Catering Chef” at that?

    Sounds like a sound decision for a startup booststrapping themselves up in the most hostile business economy in decades.

    And if the former occupier of that location was doing so well, why did they go bankrupt in the middle of the night?

  3. abbe diaz Says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ahahahaa please. don’t make me laugh


    sure, let’s see how much longer your “sound decision” holds water. i’ll wait.

    maybe try getting your facts straight about MANGIA first. better yet, why don’t you sign your name to your comments and we can go at it fact for fact all day long based on every bit of knowledge each of us have. it would be MY PLEASURE.

    if you have the balls, that is.

    run along and create some jobs now, why don’t you.

  4. Dick Johnson Says:


    If they’re “a startup bootstrapping themselves” by renting out a 6,000+SF space on Wall St. in a Donald Trump building then THER DOING IT RONG.

    Way to skimp on “creating jobs” for people that can improve food/sales though.

    That’s BRILLIANT.

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