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May 9th, 2011 by Dick Johnson


PX This presents THE F&F REVIEW

Hey, sorry we couldn’t make it to "Friends&Family," we were out of town/ had to work/ not invited. We’re really glad we finally managed to come by, though— it’s so nice to see you!
What’s that? You would still like us to take the time to fill out the F&F survey, because you’d love to take advantage of all our vast experience, knowledge, insight, and expertise as long as we’re already here? Because you invited 75 people to F&F, and afterward all you got was 41 "Congrats[es]!" 22 "Awesome[s]!" 3 "Ciao[s]!" and 9 "Best of luck[s]!" ?
Of course, we’d be honored. Oh ha, yesss, we’ll be honest— brutally honest even, ha ha! After all, that’s what friends & family are for!
No no please, don’t send anything more, we’re stuffed, we can’t breathe, you’ll have to roll us out of here, ha ha ha… !


The Dutch

What was your first impression?
Cute. Kinda typical…

Please rate the Bar:
Smaller than you’d expect for such a large space. And pretty cramped. Not so comfortable either. But the bartender’s nice.

Please rate the drinks/ cocktails/ wine:
Good quality, decent selections, reasonable prices. But again, kinda typical (see: Balthazar, Pastis, The Waverly Inn, The Lion, Minetta Tavern, East Side Social Club, The Lambs Club, The Standard Grill, DBGB, Freemans, Peels, Burger & Barrel… you get the picture).

Please rate the Dining Room:
Ugh christ. See above.

Please rate the BOH:
Pretty good. I mean, let’s face it— I wasn’t very impressed with Chef Carmellini at A Voce, and even less so at Locanda Verde. So it’s safe to say I had low expectations. But I dunno, this food was pretty good— so maybe he’s just overrated at Italian (?), the fuck I know.

How was the staff?
Good. Friendly, knowledgeable, proficient. Maybe just a wee on the jaded side, but that happens sometimes when staffers are highly experienced. Whatever, they "fit."

What did you eat?/ How was the food?
Asian White Boy Rib : Haa, I mean, rilly? Kinda stupid name ("mother-in-law’s kimchee" has a tad better sense of humor), but pretty tasty. Fall-off-the-bone tender.
Oysters :
Super fresh and delicious. Very nice. Pretty plump actually, for East Coasters.
Fried chicken : Very good. Crisp, hearty, delectable. Wish the white meat (there’s plenty of it) could have been a bit more juicy, but oh well. The house-bottled hot sauce made up for it. The side of mashed potatoes with gravy was good too, as was the cole slaw. Whatever was in the middle dish though (kale with bacon bits?) was pretty awful. Overcooked and tortured— southern style, I guess? I don’t get down with emaciated greens, sorry. Never have, never will.
A different side of green (ordered separately), oh shoot I forget now. Not spinach. What was it again? Ugh, I can’t remember : But that was good. Perfectly sauteed and flavorful.
The corn bread that comes with the meal :
Just wanted to mention it, because it was darned tasty. Just a touch of spice (jalapeño?) in there.

What did you like?
Call me crazy, but I particularly liked how the bartender graciously informed me that mashed potatoes comes with the fried chicken when I’d originally tried to order a side of it separately. You would be amazed (or maybe not) how many times people overlook that kind of stuff.

What did you dislike?
It really is pretty cramped. Personally I don’t get why the adjacent oyster bar just isn’t more liquor bar (clearly, they need it) or why the room with the bar isn’t actually just a bar room. Liquor profits are… oh forget it never mind.

What was your last impression?
Well, I still prefer Shorty’s (up the block). Hopefully, this all works out for them too.

Would you come back?
Maybe after it settles in? Or down (?), whatever.

Thank you, and hope to see you soon!



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