Adelina the Pilipina

September 20th, 2010 by Vanilla Ice


What up, homeslice?! Have you checked out yer girl… getting her… uh… face touched? Sure you have, but let’s see it again! ‘Cohs eets so punny, ‘de ba? LOL!

I mean, it’s a little weird how Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel used to have a show together, and then Adam Carolla dissed Filipinos and now Jimmy Kimmel has everybody touching homegirl’s face outside his office. Oh, and also: Jimmy Kimmel once laid the smackdown on former Gawker-blogger/swimsuit-model Emily Gould.

It’s like totally cosmic almost, isn’t it? Haw haw.

Happy Monday!




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  1. Ha! Says:

    OMG that’s hilarious

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