Where Are They Now?

April 15th, 2010 by Vanilla Ice


In honor of the just-released e-book (and the soon-to-be-released print version) of PX This – The Revised Edition and PX This Too – The Sequel to PX This, let’s see if you’re knowledgeable enough to play Where Are They Now?

Winners will receive a FREE e-version of PX This – The Revised Edition and an affectionate pat on the ass. Answers will be displayed at the bottom of this page (hey, no peeking!). If your answers are ‘close enough,’ click here to collect your e-book prize immediately! Yay! Just kidding about the pat on the ass, sorry.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to correctly identify the current whereabouts of some of the ‘characters’ in PX This. As always, should any member of the F&B force be caught or killed, pee ex this dot com will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This web page will not self-destruct, but shall remain in the cosmos internets from now until the end of the world. Good luck.


Where Are They Now?

eric-goode and sean-macpherson


• "emil the maiterdee"

• "kamil the maiterdee"

ben-affleck aka the *mackdaddy*


• "philippe the GM"

• "johnny the floor manager"



• "laurent the GM"

• "alina the Balthazar maiterdee"

gwyneth-paltrow aka gwyneth-paltroll


[Scroll down for the answers.]







eric-goode and sean-macpherson:
Well like, duh, who doesn’t know where they are? Only in like the hottttest restaurant in the wooorld! Eric Goode is also loving on the turtles (go, Eric!) and Sean MacPherson is… around. No really, he’s everywhere. Check over your left shoulder; he might be there right now.

Uggh. Let’s not start this again, shall we?

• "emil the maiterdee":
Evidently, looking at The Fedora with Graydon Carter.

• "kamil the maiterdee":
Evidently, getting media attention just for falling down. Go, boy.

ben-affleck aka the *mackdaddy*:
The future Senator Affleck is out saving babies and the world, thank you very much. What the hell are you doing with your life, creep?

Oh, "Ferret." "Ferret" finally gets a ‘real’ name in the upcoming PX This Too. You’ll be happy to hear that abbe and "Ferret" have… umm… kissed and made up. Hooray!
Actually, we really have no idea what "Ferret" is up to these days, since his awesome, adorable boss just got promoted to Superstar Banker of Deutsche Bank / Tyra Banks Yummy Man Candy. When you bump into "Ferret" out and about (and you will), just ask him yourself.

• "philippe the GM":
We love you, Philippe! That is all.

• "johnny the floor manager":
Well like, duh, who doesn’t know where he is? Only in like the hottttest restaurant in the wooorld! We haven’t seen him lately though, because we can’t get past the doorman. Seriously.

Here. No further comment… until PX This Too of course.

Come on now.

• "laurent the GM":
After a brief stint as the GM on restaurant-based reality television show
Rocco’s, and then opening a restaurant of his own, Laurent can be found these days in a lovely place like this.

• "alina the Balthazar maiterdee":
Oh, just here.

gwyneth-paltrow aka gwyneth-paltroll:
Rilly? Does anybody actually give a shit? We find that very hard to believe.

Ha ha ha ha wooo child. No further comment— what fun would that be? But, thanks for the new fans, homeslice! Godd bless the googles.


So, did you win, did you win?! Good for you, you smart little cookie, you. Get it, girl.



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9 Responses to “Where Are They Now?”

  1. Inkslinger Says:

    “Loser… hanging upside down from the ceiling…”

    Best line ever.

  2. virgo Says:

    meh. i would care what happened to B, kuka, and azzedine alaia more than most of these people.

  3. whats anorexia? Says:

    go, senator affleck!!!!! :D :D :)

  4. Kathy S. Says:

    Well after looking at the e-book, I actually want a print copy now. So I guess, good work.

    When will it be available? Would be a nice gift for my friend in the biz. Thanks.

  5. abbe Says:

    aww, thanks Kathy S!

    hopefully no more than a couple of weeks. if you’d like, we can alert you via e-mail [if you don’t mind sending us the e-address at px.this (AT) gmail]

    otherwise, please keep checking back at the home page for the official announcement.
    thanks again!


  6. insider Says:

    looks great abbe

  7. Down by the Emo Says:

    How are you gonna sign an e-book? :P

  8. Ha! Says:

    Yesterday I got busted at work reading it because the part about the munchkin from Ford Models literally made me LOL

  9. MILFweed Says:

    Re: Paltroll. No we don’t give a shit.

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