The Travel Series – 02

September 24th, 2009 by The House


hey remember when i said everybody is travelling this month? well in honor of peoples gallivanting alls over the globe when they should really probably be back home honoring all their responsibilites and whatnot, PX This is proud to bring you the second installation of our new, ongoing TRAVEL SERIES…

… wherein some of the coolest and most important peoples in NYC’s F&B/Nightlife world share a bit of their glorious travel experiences with YOU. yay!
and when i say "coolest" and "most important," i’m not kidding. ha aha ahaa for serious now, if you don’t recognize some of the upcoming names of the contributors to the Travel Series— ummmm… well… you might kinda have to finally face the reality that you are decidedly NOT a PX in this town, mutherfukker.
[oh okay— there’s a possibility you totally are PX, but you just don’t recognize the NAMES, cuz you’re either too busy being self-absorbed, or your gracious hosts have just been too modest (and/or scared of you) to introduce themselves (and/or give you their real names). fair enough.]

so. without further ado, a treat for your eyeballs instead of your other senses (for a change) from the people who really truly make F&B/Nightlife/Hospitality the experience you so immensely enjoy.



Party in Punte del Este — by Rocco Ancarola



Clos Roche Blanche Vineyard, Loire — by Laurent Saillard



Rainbow Over Vineyard — by Laurent Saillard



Miami — by Kamil Parchomienko



Tanzania — by Wesley Wang



Tanzania 02 — by Wesley Wang



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  1. whats anorexia? Says:

    how gorgeous! i love this feature! :D

  2. Awesome Says:

    Those last 2 don’t even look real. They look like they could be paintings!

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