Kiss Me, I’m Asian

April 9th, 2010 by Vanilla Ice

HEY! Did you realize it’s Love Your Local Asian Month? Kiss Me, I’m Asian Month? Asian Heritage Awareness Month?! O.M.G!

Well, wouldn’t you kow we have just the thing that will help you truly appreciate those lovable little liebchens (or any other kind of Chens!).

Hit it, boys!

p.s. Did you even realize that these boys did this "viral" video thing all the way back in 2005? But the stupid, unoriginal white people didn’t pick it up until 2009? And the white people only got about 900,000 views, but the Chinese boys got over 4.5 MILLION views?!

Go, Asians!



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One Response to “Kiss Me, I’m Asian”

  1. Down by the Emo Says:

    I’d kiss that asian right on her dragon tail.

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