NEWSFLASH: Josh Ozersky is a Dweeb

March 16th, 2010 by Dick Johnson


We’ve always been leery of the boring, idiotic world of Josh Ozersky (and the numerous incarnations of his online bullshit), but a video segment from The Soup was difficult to resist. As you might expect, Ozersky— a "clueless, overbloated, publicist-indentured, sycophant[ic]" blogger— was in fact pilloried by No Reservations (and subsequently, The Soup), a cringe-inducing event publicized by Ozersky’s food blogger peers and former colleagues. (All of Ozersky’s blog entries read like interminable clueless, overbloated, publicist-indentured, sycophantic pontifications tapped out by the jittery, chubby fingers of a man who can’t wait to get his hands on his next donut-bacon-cheeseburger). We include it here entirely for purposes of education: Remember, if you’re a trite, pathetic, snooze-inducing dweebshit, don’t go on national television.


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“…had Josh Ozersky not made such a glaring jackass of his ignorant self prior….”



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3 Responses to “NEWSFLASH: Josh Ozersky is a Dweeb”

  1. JHB Says:

    “…What I mean to say, Anthony, is that I never had any friends, because I’m too busy sucking ass for my next free meal, and I don’t have a shred of journalistic integrity.”

  2. MILFweed Says:

    “tapped out by the jittery, chubby fingers of a man who can’t wait to get his hands on his next donut-bacon-cheeseburger.”

    Ha! Love it!

  3. Restnt Owner Says:

    Nothing is better than seeing these clueless biased food bloggers getting a taste of their own medicine.

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