MY rant.

March 5th, 2010 by abbe diaz

abbe diaz says:

Oh rilly, Sietsema? Well, I’m kinda irked by you both.
I’m no fan of A.A.Gill; lots of people more au courant than you already know this. And I don’t generally make of habit of reading you or other writers of your "genre"– (so, no offense) primarily because you’re all kinda a little full of it. (But that’s okay, cuz I’m pretty sure yalls don’t "read" me either, yah?)
I guess what I’m wondering is why you’re so many days late and quite a few dollars short. Cuz I mean like, for example, even I personally covered this angle eons ago. It just seems rather odd to me that when Graydon Carter hired A.A.Gill for his notorious "takedown" of Jean-Georges’s 66 six years ago, nobody really gave a shit (except maybe The Observer). And let’s bear in mind— that multimillion dollar restaurant no longer exists. (Coincidence? Perhaps. But certainly Vanity Fair didn’t help matters much, did it?)
So, is your article supposed to inspire me to indignation now? Sorry, to me it just comes off as kinda a little laughable. And irksome. Oh right, I already mentioned that.
I’m just sayin. (This is the "comment section," right?)

P.S. PX This – The Revised Edition and PX This, Too. ** Coming soon in the Spring of 2010!** Bitches.


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7 Responses to “MY rant.”

  1. abbe Says:

    1- i wish more comment systems had edit buttons

    2- i wish HTML wasn’t such a pain to use

    3- somebody might have to unplug my interweb accesssss ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ahaa haaaa

  2. JHB Says:

    4) someone needs to cut down on the boozing in the daytime


  3. abbe Says:

    5 – somebody needs to remember that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.


  4. abbe Says:

    oh fuck, the date. boo


    and also #4

    i was just dipping my toe in anyways :)

  5. JHB Says:

    practice makes perfect

    forget #4

    seeing images of a barber sharpening his straight edge razor……

  6. Dick Johnson Says:

    LOL. There ya go.

  7. Trollai LLama Says:



    This time we take no prisoners. Mwahahahahaha…….

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