Truth is Blind

January 12th, 2010 by The House



• Which nightlife impresario is being "forced" to keep "embellishing" the truth? Rampant speculation has pushed him and his team into a corner, and creative storytelling is the only way to keep the dream hype alive. The truth is: despite multiple gestures and promises by a prospective deep-pocketed investor, the money simply hasn’t been delivered.


• Which well-known chef just got busted cheating on his wife again? Word on the street is his long "suffering" wife is so used to it, she doesn’t even care anymore. Refreshingly, her consistent gracious and courteous demeanor has softened the edges on sharp, snake-like forked tongues. Despite all his money and authority, it’s she who’s captured the hearts of the minions. Unfortunately, she can’t stop the tongues from wagging, but maybe she can at least take some comfort in knowing the mongering often ends, "… but she’s sooo nice… I really like her."


• Let’s play PX This – Mad Libs! From the Members Only forum (fill in the blanks):

"Now that the big day is drawing near and the hype is starting to build, can we place our bets on how long __________ and __________ are going to last with each other? Two notorious ________ under one roof yet again. This could be more fun to watch than ____________ at ____________." [Answers revealed to Members here.]



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9 Responses to “Truth is Blind”

  1. virgo Says:

    1- sevigny

    2- ramsay?

    3- i looked at the answer. no big shock there.

  2. Beatrice Blows Says:

    Is the first one really Sevigny? Good, serves him right. Did you see him trash-talking in the Post about Boomboom? Ha! What a douche. Yeah right, Andre Balazs has more experience, style and cache in his little finger than Sevigny has in his whole fire-trap coke-den BO-stinking ex-Beatrice. Beatrice could NEVER even come close to touching the kind of venues Balazs has under his belt. Keep your dirty hipster douche cokehead B-list clientele, Paul. Believe me none of the rich cool A-listers at Boomboom are going to miss them.

    His trash-talk are some pretty strong words coming out of douchebag who wouldn’t even be shit if his sister hadn’t sucked Vincent Gallo’s dick.

  3. Dick Johnson Says:

    The funny thing is that fawning Post article is written by Chris Wilson. If I remember correctly, a certain “virgo” had this to say on the subject of The Beatrice Inn:


  4. MILFweed Says:

    A friend took me to me Beatrice once and personally I have no idea what the big fuss is all about because actually it was pretty ugly. I like Boom alot but different strokes for different folks. Since Beatrice is bashing Boom though for no reason then they must be really intimidated and afraid of the competition. It’s ridiculous that they think if Beatrice had still been open when Boom opened that people wouldn’t go to Boom anyway. I definitely agree that Andre was a major power player long before Sevigny was born so I don’t know what the hell he thinks he’s talking about. He may have one journalist at the Post in his pocket but people from all over the world are trying to get into Boom. We had friends from Paris visiting last month and that’s all they wanted to do.

  5. MILFweed Says:

    To Virgo
    “3- i looked at the answer. no big shock there.”

    I wouldn’t say I’m shocked but it was definitely interesting! ;)

  6. Down by the Emo Says:

    Hey kids, longtime lurker here. Finally signed up because I couldn’t resist that last one! Just wanted to say hi and I love the site. Great work.

  7. Inkslinger Says:

    Welcome, DBTE!! :D

  8. bigbadwolfe Says:

    It’s Abramcyk on spin cycle not Paul. Abramcyk’s lies are one bigger then the other. It’s not that he is jealous, it because he’s not important, so he makes up stories to assume familiarity with anyone for attention. I mean the guys dad is a con man crook with the worlds worst reputation in lower manhattan. I hardly think this belongs to Paul.He might be high but he is not desperate. Abramcyk’s stories are ridiculous. The kid is a con man. The idiot claims to be a hedge fund guy trader and couldn’t come up with $23,000? Come on!

  9. Hello Kitty Says:

    Never met Abracyk but somehow he did get that woman that was living above Smith and Mills to move out. That seems like it would take a lot of $$$$ (lawyers, etc)……

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