The Standard Expand-ard

December 3rd, 2009 by Dick Johnson



Start packing your bags now. Two must-visit destinations are about to get hotter (and not just due to global warming).

Your beloved chain of snazzy flophouses, by your favorite cute diminutive hotelier, is expanding to include locations in both London and Costa Rica. Plus, you can probably expect to see some familiar faces to welcome you with open arms when the awesome formidable projects are finally (eons from now) consummated.
Ha ha, "consummated." The Standard Hotel. See what we did there?




Don’t forget to breathe in the meantime.





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3 Responses to “The Standard Expand-ard”

  1. pooh Says:

    not true..

  2. pooh Says:

    dig further in you research miss abby

  3. inkslinger Says:

    Thanks, Pooh! :D

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