Cyber-Harassment/ Death Threats Traced to New York Times Staffer

November 29th, 2014 by The House


NY TIMES STAFFER Threatens/ Harasses Author for Unveiling Alleged NY TIMES Impropriety

The IP address behind the cyber-harassment/ death threats by “Wanda Smith” aka “til8x8x8is4,” against author Abbe Diaz, has been traced to the residence of Jeffrey Henson Scales, a current New York Times photographer/editor at the center of the controversy. An Aggravated Harassment report has been filed with the Detective Squad of the New York Police Department.

The New York Times has been contacted and has not responded.

** UPDATED: The documentation tracing the IP address of “Wanda Smith” aka “til8x8x8is4” was previously password-protected, as they disclose the general location of Jeffrey Henson Scales’s residence. Due to the nature of this ongoing alleged crime, and because the information can be/ was found using entirely publicly-available online resources, PX This has removed the password protection.

A post with further details is here.

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