411NSIDER: “Anne Burrell Lawsuit”

July 1st, 2013 by The House

Anne Burrell


Hi “Mouthfuls”,

…We have noticed, over the last week or so, a remarkably large number of Google searches directed toward our site, all looking for information regarding Anne Burrell and her ongoing discrimination lawsuit, using terms such as “Anne Burrell lawsuit,” “Anne Burrell harassment,” and even “scoop Anne Burrell lawsuit,” and “Anne Burrell lawsuit hoax.”

We have searched Google ourselves for an indication as to the sudden renewed interest in Anne’s case, to no avail. Subsequently we have surmised that perhaps something regarding the suit was mentioned on television, as is usually the case when Google fails to deliver useful information under similar circumstances.

By any chance, might someone here be aware of any such occurrence(s)? An avid viewer of Food Network perhaps? Anyone who might shed any light on our appraisal?

We would greatly appreciate any information, as it could be quite pertinent for an upcoming volume of PX Me (the sequel to PX This) and a forthcoming journalistic column.

Thank you.

PX This.




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For more information on Anne Burrell, read PX Me – The Sequel to PX This.


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7 Responses to “411NSIDER: “Anne Burrell Lawsuit””

  1. Waiter Says:

    I think it was because there was recently some show on HBO about “teh gays” .I didn’t see it but heard my coworker talking about it and I think he said Crazy Burrell was on it. That bitch is cray cray.

  2. Judy Says:

    It’s because when you Google her name, as I did to get a recipe. The lawsuit articles are first on the retrieval list. It appears the reach has been optimized to go to these results.

  3. PX This Says:

    Thanks, Waiter and Judy!

    Oh but actually Judy, we do normally get searches for many chefs by name, but our curiosity was piqued in this case because, as we stated above, the recent searches have been extraordinarily numerous plus the exact recent search terms have included specifically the words “lawsuit” and/or “sued” and/or “harassment” and/or “discrimination.”

    But thank you so much again for the very valuable insight.

  4. Headhunter Says:


    I have looked around this site extensively, and I have found an indication that Anne Burrell was terminated from Centro Vinoteca and did not in fact resign, as was my understanding.

    From what I gather, the owner of this website has the credentials to officially confirm the facts behind Burrell’s departure.

    Could I please request a clarification on the articles re: Burrell? I would need an official linkable statement that includes credentials and confirmation of her termination; anywhere on this website will suffice.

    E-mail forthcoming as well, to the address provided on this homepage.

    Thank you.

  5. Alexa Says:

    I searched it because in the wake of all this Paula Deen nonsense I saw an interesting post on Facebook. It proceeded to name several other Food Network stars involved in scandals and asked why they didn’t lose their jobs. Burell was among the list of names.

  6. Foodie Says:

    Love the stories about Anne (aka Spiky!) in PX Me! Lol keep up the good work, we want more! :)

  7. Reader Says:

    I found this article on Google b/c a friend told me that they just read a book all about Anne working in a restnt and what a shitshow she was haha

    But i forgot the name of the book so I googled it.

    Thanks, looking forward to the read haha

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