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June 27th, 2013 by The House

Henchmen Wanted


"You have a billion dollars, dude; go buy all the blogs and newspapers that did you wrong, fire everyone, and demolish their offices."

That’s so funny, because it reminds me of this book I just read! 

So, what if someone was wronged by media blogs and they don’t have a billion dollars? Like, what if they only had like $1,000.00?

I happen to know of somebody who offered up a cool grand to a bunch of journalists to prove that Gawker (and possibly the New York Times) behaved unethically in a certain situation.

But then Gawker threatened those journalists into NOT accepting the $1,000 offer. Which sorta implies that Gawker must be afraid of something, right?

I mean, we’re all well aware that DI and Gawker are besties forever, but where do you stand, Roose? I bet I could get you double that $1,000 if you wanted it. Just saying.

Here’s the book: 

And here’s the back story: 

Think about it.


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