Truth is Blind

July 5th, 2011 by The House


• Which former "celebrity" chef is (quite apparently) really desperate to find a job?
Anybody hiring? Call us— we’ll… uh… gladly make the introduction, take a standard headhunter’s commission, pat you on the back and wish you good luck (chances are you’re gonna need it).


• Which popular impresario’s shotgun wedding has insightful insiders scratching their heads at the peculiarly matched couple and hasty nuptials? Well, try checking back with them around December of this year— or hell, you should get pretty obvious "hints" even earlier. All your burning perturbed questions should be answered by then, duh. (Yea— it’s just about as… uh… typical as you can get.)


• Which new beleaguered hotel has a whooole new mess of problems to contend with? Their already-delayed opening is very likely to be postponed further. (Also, maybe expect a significant concept modification.)


• Which nightclub impresario (and friends) were tossed from his table at a tony East Hampton eatery? Evidently, this person is unaware of some basic restaurant rules. For example, when you go out to dine, you should always 1) actually order some FOOD, 2) NOT usurp tables meant/reserved for other patrons without permission, 3) LEAVE when even all your water glasses have long been cleared from the table, and 4) NOT be an obnoxious tool for absolutely no good reason. Or, ya know— take that cheap, self-entitled, arrogant attitude of yours back to downtown Manhattan where it belongs.



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3 Responses to “Truth is Blind”

  1. barf Says:

    oh god, i think i finally figured out the second one. VOMIT

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The Nomad Hotel. What a mess!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    the owners of nomad hotel are bad people

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