EMM’s Mark Birnbaum…

May 13th, 2011 by Vanilla Ice


Hey, did you hear about Mark Birnbaum getting sued for sexual harrassament? [No? Oh, you must live in a fucking cave.]



Cuz you knooow you want to.









How’s this, I’ll start— maybe I’ll just fill in some of the ones I’ve heard out and about so far (jump on in anytime) :


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14 Responses to “EMM’s Mark Birnbaum…”

  1. Person A Says:

    So sad… yet probably so true…

  2. Person B Says:

    This is going to be like Tiger Woods… first four come out… and then 100 more to follow…

  3. Person C Says:

    Why would they still work there? So weird. And doesn’t look good for them. Makes them look like the ones that are being predatory.

  4. Person D Says:

    The whole thing is really ballsy. Hah, no pun intended.

  5. Person E Says:

    Don’t bring his balls into this, that’s mean. Don’t ask… long story… just something I heard…

  6. Person F Says:

    Mark is livid. And Eugene is probably just mortified. They live in the same building, Eugene is one floor below Mark. They act like they live in a dorm… partying with these girls until early morning at Mark’s. Wouldn’t be surprised…

  7. Person G Says:

    Hey, I warned them.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Hahahahaha hilarious!

  9. Fuck em Says:

    This is hysterical. Everyone in nightlife is la ughing their asses off. What goes around comes around douchbags.

  10. birnbum Says:

    no surprise here . . . this fool went to my high school. once a douche, always a douche — and a racist one at that. a racist, sexual predator douche = the birnbum trifecta.

  11. Captain K Says:

    @ #10

    Wasn’t there some joke here awhile ago about Eugene wishing he was Richie Akiva?

    Well, those Butter/G-Spa/Darby guys have their own racist lawsuit from cocktail waitresses that say that they were fired just for being Asian.

    And now EMM has their own lawsuit too! Lol, be careful what you wish for!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    They better lawyer up! Damn, nothing sucks more than having to give all that money that they scammed from lame retards and guidos on overpriced bottles away to lawyers that actually don’t give a shit whether they win their case or not..

  13. pro emm Says:

    everyone can hate on mark and eugene but the bottom line is they have created a great empire and they are stand up guys who have made a ton of stupid bar girls a lot of money. This is when shameless trying to get rich loser female employees know they can go after you. any female club employee who looks over 30 and discovered that they hate their life for pouring vodka sodas for a living and try to grasp at anything to strike it rich as a last ditch effort. Mark is so hot and so smart he can have any girl he wants. truth. If these girls have half a brain and thought they actually had the proof to have a case they would lawyer up with Gloria Alright which tells you they have zero case and zero proof and zero knowledge on how to really play this making it up to get rich quick game. shame shame. They should call Rachel Uchitel and ask her for some pointers on how to settle out of court via gloria alright. I think Rachel actually had sex with Mark as well willingly of course but not related to the topic. Karma is a bitch girls and the truth always comes out. The girls will lose and forever go down in google history as the sluts that gave it up because they are just plain easy. Hope your mom never googles you!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Have to admit 13 has a point. If those girls didn’t want that kind of shit from Birnbaum, they should have quit and then sued him. And why would they party with him at his place? Now they just look sleazy and greedy. Oh well I guess the court will decide. But it’s true that this going to cost him alot of money either way.

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