Sleep No More

March 30th, 2011 by The House


You must see Sleep No More. Don’t think about it, don’t make excuses, don’t hesitate— just do as I did, and take a friendly suggestion from your discerning buddy with excellent taste who really knows what she’s talking about.


Oh but here’s a little tip: when they try to break your party up with the whole playing card rigmarole thingie at the very beginning— eh, don’t go for it, just pretend you don’t know each other. I mean yes it’s true, it’s supposed to be "an individual theatre experience," but knowing you die-hard urban impatient tech-obsessed Foursquare-addicted GPS-loving little buggers, you’d be so distracted trying to find your pal(s) all night, it’d likely ruin the whole experience for you anyway.

I can just imagine you right now surreptitiously texting each other from far-flung corners of the "hotel"— "Where ARE you? I’m on the 5th floor in the forest maze… near the graveyard… by the bright blue light, where are YOU? I’m in the sanitarium… near the children’s ward, meet me in the cradle room with the baby effigies dangling from the ceiling…" I mean come on now.


Afterward, take the same great advice I did, and have a good bottle of wine and pizza at Ovest across the way. I dare you to wear your mask through dinner— no, I’m kidding.


Okay, run along and buy your tickets now. You’re welcome!




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  1. TC-F Says:

    i have heard of this shakespeare/hitchcock crazy play….i will take your advice and see it when it comes back to the uk :)

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