Spring, Summer, Fall…

October 25th, 2010 by Inkslinger


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring

Hey, feel that chill in the air? No, huh? Well, you felt it last week, didn’t you? So— you know what all that falling and rising and falling in the temperature means (aside from the impending destruction of the world due to global warming and the perpetual evil of mankind):

Autumn is here!


And to celebrate, my latest film recommendation is Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring. In this spiritually and visually breathtaking film, each season represents the stages of… oh, you get the picture.

Or maybe you don’t. But hopefully this movie will help you find out.





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5 Responses to “Spring, Summer, Fall…”

  1. AZ Says:

    Did you know that [redacted — potentially damaging unsubstantiated rumor — Ed.]

  2. abbe Says:

    uhhhh no. i had no idea actually. wow!

    hi AZ!
    i appreciate that you must feel very negatively about [redacted] (i’ve only met her briefly, 2 or 3 times) for your own personal reasons or whatever, but i kinda have to warn you that stuff like what you’re saying right now is potentially considered libelous. i.e., it’s not legal.

    i would be more than happy to accept whatever juicy stories you have to tell and blow the fuck out of them, but then i’d have to ask your name too.

    anyhoo, alls i’m saying is neither i nor anybody affiliated with PX This actually believes a word you’re saying right now. obviously, you’re entitled to your opinion, you just might be a crackhead is what i’m trying to clarify to all the nice folks following along at home.

    also: hate to do it, but if [redacted] gets lawyers a knockin on my e-door, i may have to clean your figurative keyboard out with soap.

    again, i’m just sayin.



  3. AZ Says:

    Eeks. I suppose you are right. Well..should you delete my comment for me or do you want me to keep going?

  4. abbe Says:

    well i’m flattered that you asked, but i think in the end it’s completely up to you. although i admit i am curious to figure out what your point is.

    i guess only you can decide whether it’s worth your time/energy to continue, for whatever purpose it is you’re doing it.

    but if you’ll allow me, it’s been my experience that empty accusations often fall flat, they just don’t have the same zing as if you back it up. cuz trolls are kinda a dime a dozen if you hear what i’m sayin, am i making any sense?

    also, you should know that i have friends who have worked with/under [redacted] in the past. if you want to keep going you’re more than welcome, but then i would sorta be obliged to try and substantiate your claims—
    and i can’t 100% guarantee it would all become like a full-blown “story” here, if that’s your aim.

    what is your aim?

    thanks again!

  5. AZ Says:

    hey love-
    check your email :)

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