Jay-Z et al @ Yankee Stadium

September 24th, 2010 by abbe diaz


Okay okaaay, I messed up. Yes, I’m a week late. Yes, I did see these beyoootiful photographs earlier, and yes, I meant to steal them— but I like totally spaced and completely forgot. And yes, you are googling Karim Amatullah all day long and for some reason expect to find his shiny bald round head here. (Sorry, he’s actually more like here. And uh… here.)

In any case, fine. Now you’ve found him. He’s at the Jay Z & Eminem concert at Yankee Stadium! Or at least, he was. (Check it out, dude. Time travel! Wheee!)

Enjoy! Or ya know, try. Seeing as you’re probably dejected and disconsolate now you weren’t actually there in person.



** With very special thanks to Karim Amatullah of Green Tea Innovative Marketing Concepts and Matthew Katakis



For more on Karim Amatullah, read PX This – The Revised Edition and PX This Too (The Sequel to PX This) – Coming Soon



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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Kareemie is dreamy!! lol

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