September 27th, 2010 by abbe diaz


Admit it, you could use a drink right now. (The fact it’s only 10:44AM is totally irrelevant.) Need a cool recipe? (Ha, lookit that: September 27, 2010 – Avion Tequila Coffee Shooter! See? It’s got coffee in it!)




Check out your boy Yusef Austin‘s brand-spanking new webspot for ELITELIXIRS! It’s dope.
No seriously though, I’ve had it running in the background on my desktop for like 10 minutes now, cuz I really like that song. I almost feel like I’m sitting at Boom Boom with Yusef right now.

Except I’m missing a cocktail.



♪♪ "… done my tiiime, paid my duuues, packed my bags and away i flew…." ♪♪



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