Burberry Prorsum – London S/S 2011

September 22nd, 2010 by The House


Okay, yeah yah, there’s a lot to absolutely despise about fashion, we all know this. But, every once in a thousand lifetimes or so, a great designer/label comes along with a collection that kinda reminds us all why we got into this ridiculous business in the first place. No big surprise this season it’s: Christopher Bailey of Burberry Prorsum.

What can we say? His shit is dope.
And yesterday at 4PM London time, Burberry did the smartest thing any person in Fashion doesn’t usually have the brain cells to conceive— it hired a genius computer geek and ran a live feed on the internets of its Spring/Summer 2011 runway show.
OMG, hallelujah! High Fashion, meet High Technology; High Technology, meet Moron Idiot Johnny-Come-Lately (aka Anna Wintour).

One look at this collection had us feeling both invigorated and forlorn. Invigorated, because it’s really great to see fashion making a semblance of sense every once in a fucking while. Forlorn, because we realized that in comparison, New York really sucks right now. Did you seeee the shows this season? Holy cow, we really suck, what an embarrassment. We have a famine of beauty, hunny— a FAMINE OF BYOOTEE!
On the up side, however, our models are MUCH better walkers— yup, even the regular non-super variety. Wooo child, even if you’re not into fashion at all, watch this show anyway just for a gander at the poor lanky clods. (Ohhh dear, maybe you should have stayed in bed for less than $10,000 today, sweetie.)

Anyhoo, the video directly at Burberry has far better quality, or check out the handy yootoob version offered below if you’re too lazy to click over. Enjoy!




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2 Responses to “Burberry Prorsum – London S/S 2011”

  1. MILFweed Says:

    Abbs this is why I keep telling you to blog about fashion more. Because you have such a unique/refreshing take on it. There are alot of people like me out there that love fashion but hate all the BS associated with it. There aren’t many fashion writers out there that won’t sugar-coat everything to the point of cloyingness or even know what they are really talking about! They and people like Wintour are actually the main reason so many people look down on fashion. If there were more writers like you that actually concentrated on quality instead of BS marketing and PR then fashion would be seen more as a true art.

  2. MILFweed Says:

    And yea I agree Prorsum is hot.

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