Truth is Blind

August 30th, 2010 by The House


• Which (somewhat deluded) renowned restaurant group that recently found itself the target of a class-action wage-dispute lawsuit, is soon to come under fire again? This time the charge is sexual harassment, the details of which are forthcoming shortly. Unfortunately, it could be right around the time the alleged defendant is vacationing with his wife. (Quick, hide the newspapers.)
Well, you know what they say: Misery loves company. Now all they have to do is follow the leader.


• Which TriBeCa saloonkeeper’s recent brush with the law is hampering his liquor license application? Anyone know a good (fast) consulting "chef"?
"Restaurant" Needs Recipe for Crudité, Jell-O. Please Contact ASAP.


• Which West Village commercial landlord is spinning his wheels waiting for the rent check to arrive in the mail? Sorry, buddy— but the restaurant space your tenant recently "closed for renovations" isn’t reopening anytime soon, duh. Your former tenant has already spent all your rent money on his next venture elsewhere.



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5 Responses to “Truth is Blind”

  1. FOH FOH Says:




  2. Dishwasher Says:

    The fact that Charles was not even that old and it needs ‘renovations’ already does seem suspicious.. ;)

  3. Dishwasher Says:

    Btw you can see right thru the windows that there isn’t any reno going on.. ;)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Cobi Levy of Charles is working on a resto in Soho with that sleazebag Ben Leventhal from Eater. Pretty sure he skipped out with the $$$$ from Charles and bailed b/c it never made a profit. Interesting how sleazebag Eater doesn’t mention it at all. If it was some other place that skipped out w/out paying the rent, they would be Deathwatching owners like Levy and Leventhal for being such sleazebags, as long as it wasn’t a Mcnally or Chang place.

  5. Inkslinger Says:

    You know what’s kind of funny? Right when this blind item was posted, I googled “Charles restaurant NYC closed for renovations” and there were no stories about it whatsoever.

    Then a few days later I googled it again, and right away it pooped up on Eater, but it was dated back in like June or something! I swear there was nothing about it a couple days before. Is it possible they posted it afterward and back-dated it? Because of Ben Leventhal’s involvement with Cobi Levy??

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all, but if it’s true, that’s super shady even for Eater! :O

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