Beyoncé @ Cipriani 55 Wall

August 31st, 2010 by The House

GREATEST HITS: PX This [The Blahg]

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"Beyonce @ Cipriani 55 Wall"


… So last night was the official finale for this season’s Wall Street Concert Series at Cipriani-55Wall, featuring Beyoncé! Holy cow, she is so beautiful. I got to sneak in earlier and watch her rehearse and everything, she was all dressed down like she just rolled out of bed and still she was ridiculously stunning. Personally I think she actually looked better without all the pancake and hair spray and glitter and whatnot. Don’t get me wrong, she was really gorgeous during the concert, but seeing her just in her jeans without any makeup was a lot more impressive. She looked ten times more attractive and ten years younger on top of all that.

Anyway it was a great extravaganza, Beyoncé really put on quite the show. She sang and danced and changed her outfit so many times.
Hee ehee Alex Rodriguez was standing in the audience right in front so at one point she handed her microphone down to him so he could sing along, and omygoodness. That poor boy couldn’t carry a tune if it was shaped like a baseball and he’s wearing a mitt.

Speaking of which, the performance in the audience was almost better than the show onstage. All the big ballers (and shot-callers and brawlers) were in da house, everybody was glossin and flossin, on and onn-in, till six in the mawnin.
I saw Damon Dash & Piddy Diddy & Harvey Weinstein & Vivi Nevo & Flavio Briatore & of course Giuseppe Cipriani. I think Jay-Z arrived late, I didn’t spot him at all until almost the very end of the concert. He was suddenly backstage watching from the sidelines and it seemed like even Beyoncé was surprised to see him there, she looked over when the jumbotron abruptly caught him lurking in the wings and she beamed and blushed like a lovestruck teenager. Aww.

Harvey Weinstein was totally sweating my dress by the way, I’m just sayin.

… Yah so aside from that
Last Monday was a… Halloween dinner at Matsuri
… and it was lots of fun, everybody was all dressed up in funny costumes. Eric Goode was a boyscout. Sean MacPherson was a totally convincing Jesus Christ. Sante D’orazio was an archbishop. Rachel Williams was umm Heidi? Saint Paulie girl? something like that. And Fisher Stevens was himself. Valentino Garavani & his homeboy Giancarlo Giametti were themselves too but maybe there’s no Halloween in Italy.

… Afterward was another party at Crobar…
Mark Baker was a pirate and the lovely Vicky Andren was a Stepford wife. Oliver Stone was some kind of army soldier or veteran or something. I heard Heidi Klum & Seal & Usher came later, but we’d already left by midnight.

Finally was a stop at LaEsquina… Serge Becker was dressed as a gimp which was totally the best costume all night. archives

This is an abbreviated version of Abbe Diaz’s diary/blog entry on February 22, 2005, for archival purposes only. A far more detailed, thorough, and incisive account is to be included in Diaz’s upcoming second book, PX Me (The Sequel to PX This) – Coming Soon


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