Hot Pot at Kittichai

March 9th, 2010 by abbe diaz

Hot Pot at Kittichai!

no, there is no stolen marijuana anywheres, silly— try not to get too excited. but it’s still pretty awesome nonetheless!

yah so last night i got to try the new "thai fondue" night (mondays) at Kittichai. and it was so good. basically, for a choice of either the "unlimited" selection ($45 per person / 2 person minimum) or the "a la carte" (about $9 and up per serving / $22 minimum) you too can enjoy the new steamy hot pot "fondue," which includes such mouthwatering offerings as shrimp, salmon, marinated beef strips, tender slivers of pork loin, lobster, scallops, sea bass, tofu "skin," taro root, bok choy, etc etc etc in a "tableside" tom yum broth (plus it comes with a shredded mango and green papaya salad to start).
and then after all that scrumptiousness, they take the broth from your "hot pot" and pour it over thin "angel hair" style noodles in a bowl with shrimp. holy cow so delicious.

i know you want to run over there and try if for yourself right now, but don’t forget, it’s only on mondays. oh! speaking of weekly stuff, did you even realize that sunday brunch at Kittichai is totally the jumpoff now? seriously, no joke.
i’m just sayin.

yay Kittichai!



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