Fashion Week is Over?

February 25th, 2010 by Dick Johnson

Fashion Week is over? OMG, did I sleep through it completely?! Goddammit.

OK, so I’m a little late – shoot me. (Or pay me to blog, so I’m more punctual. Whichever!) In any case, I was supposed to post this awesome excerpt from PX This – The Revised Edition. Coming soon in the Spring of 2010





[*warning: Eats, Shoots and Ladders Leaves freaks please CLICK HERE and HERE before reading any further. then take that favorite book of yours and stick it up your ass. thank you!]


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2003. 7:01AM

ann-demeulmeester looked taken aback, perhaps she was surprised i speak english. the assistant looked totally amused though, she snickered in her nostrils and everything.

oh but the highlight of the trip! was azzedine-alaïa again this time he fed us omelettes and salad. he is sooo cute i just want to scrunch him up and swallow him like a dumpling.
marc told mr.alaïa i made my long chocolate geld-iaz wool halter mock wrap dress— which, by the way, was so smokin, caroline the head big cheese for alaïa and some other random buyer-lady there inquired how they could buy it. and mr.alaïa flashed me a BIG SMILE and said: “ohhh ah-beeee! tres biennnn!” i tell you i could have dropped dead ecstatic right there.

then the next big highlight! was marc and i going to the RitzCarlton to meet some fancy Lady-ofSomeplace from england she was phoning and leaving messages for marc all week long asking to meet him we have no idea why.
so marc and i get there and she and her super cute 20something daughter are sitting having afternoon tea with some dude he was very sweet and funny he made jokes about KFC and krispy-creme how he can’t live without them and how he “owns one of each” because he has given them so much money.
the next thing you know he is saying oh! he is a shop owner too just like marc! he has a little boutique in london ahah haha ahahaa “have you heard of Harrods?” he asks. i mean can you fucking imagine. then here comes the maiterdee with business cards for him and the shop owner dude hands one to marc as he is scolding him for not staying at theRitz.

i mean. when did life become like this exactly can i ask you touched me warmly on the shoulder as he stood up to leave so i concentrated really hard to suck all his luck if he suddenly gets hits by a speeding bus you’ll know why.
see. things like this you can tell peoples and i think they just wouldn’t believe you ahahahaha imagine me dropping this story on the piglets.

finally last but not least was big highlight#3 marc and i went to a dinner with the big willies from Valentino. it was at Davé and i actually got to meet davé he is the restaurateur that was in isaac-mizrahi’s Unzipped in the scene where isaac is chillin with galliano and leon.talley and they are mocking on donna-karan.
anyhoo so graziano the president of ValentinoUSA was a gigantic sweetie pie and he was in looove with me he admired my dress and told me i am “beautiful” and “elegant!” okay can we back up for a second i said the PRESIDENT of VALENTINO admired my dress. all the way from the other end of the table he halted ALL CONVERSATION to say “i’m sorry but i just haaave to ask who makes your dress?”
by the way i had the seat right next to the new head designer of Valentino he was a cutie face his name is damiano (“dum YAHno”). see i do not even know their last names. how is it even comprehensible i am on a first name basis only with a president and head designer of Valentino? i told damiano how azzedine-alaïa complimented that very same dress and if that was not the moment to be feelin oneself i tell you maybe there never is.

the only thing that ruined it was Chicken, Ferret’s wife…


***For more on this story, read PX This – The Revised Edition and PX This Too – Coming soon in the Spring of 2010***


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  1. whats anorexia? Says:

    go, abbe! :D :) can’t wait to see the new version with the pics!!!! :D

  2. abbe Says:

    “pay” ???

    i thought you wanted to blog for THE GLORY


  3. abbe Says:

    thanks, my little anorexia-ignorant friend

    you’re so sweet.


  4. Dishwasher Says:

    Loved the book, Abbe. Looking forward to the next.. ;)

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