The Good Thief…

January 12th, 2010 by Inkslinger


The Good Thief, Layer Cake, and L’Empire des Loups

Well! Who would have thought the "Netflix This" feature would have so many fans with such raging testosterone? After our last recommendation of Bad Influence, suddenly Y chromosomes started coming out of the woodwork. It seems most of our suggestions have had a decidedly "pussyish" "feminine" bent, but it certainly was never our intention to neglect the brutisher sex. Settle down there, boys! I got something for you, too:
The Good Thief, Layer Cake, and L’Empire des Loups (not necessarily in that order).

You will absolutely love them. Trust me. So call Domino’s, grab a six-pack, snuggle into your Lazy-Boy and enjoy!
But don’t forget to take out the trash first.




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