Truth is Blind

October 12th, 2009 by Vanilla Ice


• Which two longstanding nightlife impresarios have unexpectedly teamed up and are "thisclose" to inking a deal for a multi-level space in the West Village? Given their well-earned reputations (and the location of the building), this new venture could either be a smash hit of Waverly-Innsian proportions or a disaster of Beatrice-Innsian debacle-ness. At the very least, it should be fun to watch. For insiders, that is, since you won’t find anyone involved with the project offering up previews or preliminary information of any kind.
As per usual, you read it here first.
Now sssssshhhhhhhhhh…!


• Which not-so-longstanding F&B/nightlife impresario is "thisclose" to inking a deal with an established downtown restaurateur/operator? We have one word of advice, though: Better think twice about that "unbelievable" location. The community board for that district recently shot down a proposal for a restaurant on that very same street. Given the logistics of the projected impending business, putting all the eggs in that building’s basket may just be a colossal waste of time and energy.
OK, actually we have two words of advice (here’s one specifically for the restaurateur): Given the track record of said "impresario," putting any eggs in that big-cheese’s basket may just be a colossal waste of time and energy.
Don’t say we never warned you. But feel free to go ahead and learn the hard way if you must.




image by Shari Davis

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4 Responses to “Truth is Blind”

  1. Hahahahahah Says:

    Oh snap!

  2. come on :( Says:

    i miss when the answers used to be posted in the private forum. :(

  3. Dick Johnson Says:

    To “come on :(”

    Sorry! I would, but Abbster would yell at me.

  4. Really? Says:

    I vote ‘debacle’.

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