Homeboy Meets His IDOL

October 7th, 2009 by abbe diaz




but then SOMEHOW completely forgets— he runs like, one of the hottest restaurants in like, the woooorld.

okay seriously though. how precious is this. he attends a private concert (150 guests), stands face to face in real flesh and blood life inches away from his number one all time favorite "omg i can’t breathe" IDOL (who just happens to apparently have an affinity for cute young handsomely cherubic attractive boys just like him), and he totally and utterly fails to comprehend how ridiculously easy it would be for him to simply hand her his business card and invite her to dinner at the super duper hotspot where he works. she’s probably already been there, even.

aww i just love him to death he’s so scrumptious and adorable isn’t he?



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6 Responses to “Homeboy Meets His IDOL”

  1. virgo Says:

    that’s actually a good video. i noticed that there doesn’t seem to be alot of paparazzi around. TMZ would prob kill for a video like that.

    must have been a great concert. congrats to your friend, abbe. he must have been very happy to meet her.

  2. what? Says:

    what place does he work for????

  3. JB Says:

    Well if you click on You Tube it says his name is Nick Rytting….

  4. JB Says:

    Just Googled him and he’s on Facebook and Model Mayhem. He’s cute but he looks really young!

  5. not here Says:

    he’s not at standard, i can tell you that much.

  6. whats anorexia? Says:

    aaw that must have been so exciting! great video! :D

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