Casa Lever (+ Monkey Bar + Le Colonial)

October 20th, 2009 by abbe diaz


according to management, CasaLever is "still working out some kinks." it’s only their second week open so i guess that’s understandable enough. i think it’ll be quite fascinating to see however, exactly HOW they’re going to work out those kinks, cuz from where i was sitting, they have a whole lot to contend with.
i mean don’t get me wrong, you know i loves me some SantAmbroeus, but CasaLever isn’t quite the same (nor is it trying to be?).

anyways. sure i could go on and on and list each problematic issue one by one, but i won’t, cuz that kind of stuffs likely falls under "consultation" and ha ha ahaa believe it or not, it’s just not my job to tell you how to do yours.
seriously though, from one professional to another (yah, YOU– that’s reading this right now): it’s totally worth a trip for you to visit CasaLever as soon as possible— to see and experience all the things you probably shouldn’t do. and then perhaps visit again in a few months or so, simply as a great case study in how accurate is your erudite assessment, and how adept/astute your competition is.

luckily (?) there are a few really great staffers there at CasaLever. i hesitantly say "luckily" however, cuz—
really. really really truly. at this point, i am totally sick and disgusted to death by the pervasive phenomenon in this industry of underlings being more knowledgeable/proficient than their fucking authority figures. do some of you managers out there need to train UNDER your hostesses/waiters/runners/bussers? YES I THINK MAYBE YOU DO you stupid moronic cocksucking mutherfukkers. yes i get it, you’re super awesome at licking your boss’s anus or your daddy bought you your job or you flaunted your superfluous wharton degree in some dipshit headhunter’s face or whatever

but take your smug self-important uppity ass someplace else and get the fuck out of THIS industry for fuck’s sake already. yah i know, it’s not brain surgery and there are precious few jobs left where you can make enough money to actually reside in manhattan doing the work a trained chimp can feasibly execute, but please. you’re making the rest of us trained chimps look bad. even in your treasured custom tailored savile row suit. in short:

oh whoops did i say all that out loud?

i meant to say: the misticanza salad with the poached egg and bacon "crisp prosciutto" was decent, as was the king-crab/sea-urchin crudo. the veal scallopine was eh and the "manila clams" pasta vongole was uhhh
different (especially since i’m pretty sure those clams were more like littleneck than manila).


yah so
afterward was a quick pop into MonkeyBar. it worked out great cuz after all the terrible things i’ve been hearing about MonkeyBar’s food, i so was not about to take an expedition to midtown to try and experience it for myself. but i love to see places with my own two eyes just so i can say i’ve been there, so it’s awesome that MonkeyBar is pretty much right around the corner butted up against CasaLever’s ass.
(and after CasaLever, i totally needed a drink anyhow.)

well. alls i can say is: fucking hell what a mess.
and i mean literally a mess my gawd CLEAN THAT SHIT UP can you? it doesn’t take much— just wipe the puddles and slop off the bar every once in awhile, throw away and replace the chewed up bevnaps, wipe down the bottles and face all the labels outward, get all that cluttery crap shit away from the goddamned terminal, and for heaven’s sake get rid of (or hide) those big ole ugly assed plastic waste bins.

oh FUCK did i just give away free "consultation" ??! gagh.

by the way— i didn’t spot no goddamned PXes, so what the hells is the point of even being here?!

i’m just sayin.


later, since we decided to stroll for a bit and look at the pretty buildings, we found ourselves in front of LeColonial.
awww remember LeColonial? how super duper hott it was, way back in the day? we couldn’t resist our nostalgia so we went in for another round.

and it still looks great.
it actually made me reconsider this thought that had popped into my brain in the midst of dinner at CasaLever ("ugh christ i would never ever ever open a restaurant in fucking midtown"). the fact that LeColonial has somehow maintained its warmth and charm after all these years was such an inspiration!

and the peoples on staff were very sweet, especially the bartender. i even managed to eat a whole plate of spring rolls even though i had absolutely no idea i was still hungry.

so hooray for LeColonial.



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3 Responses to “Casa Lever (+ Monkey Bar + Le Colonial)”

  1. starlight Says:

    thank you! i am so sick of my manager who sucks. i have alot more experience than he does and the only reason that he has his job is bc he is friends with another mgr and sucks the owner’s ass. he is always rude to the customers and he’s a lazy asshole that doesn’t know shit.

  2. Dishwasher Says:

    This is such an old and common problem. The problem alot of time is that for the good workers, f/b is just a side job and they have other things that they would rather do, so the $$ in Mgmt is not good enough for them, and they would rather stay on the floor making tips. Alot of times, the only reason managers want the job is b/c they are power tripping and don’t want to waiter, and not b/c they care about the place they work.

  3. JHB Says:

    What’s worse is when bad managers spread their bad habits by passing them on to their successors.

    Is it not a running joke around here that certain people we know are “graduates of the LF School of Restaurant Management”?

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