“You sweat me cuz I’m fieeerce.”

September 14th, 2009 by The House


• "Dear Joshua David Stein: Admit it already. You sweat me cuz I’m fieeerce. xoxo, Abbe -Vanilla Ice


• oh look, ashley-dupré has a new song. you can check it out here, if you’re so inclined.
personally, i thought the other two were better but whatever.
i’m vaguely aware peoples alls over the internets hate ashley-dupré cuz they have nothing better to do, but steve-lewis said she’s "one of us" so that makes her okay by me. i think all the outrage or whatever is kinda totally ridiculous, cuz if peoples had any IDEA, i think they would probably realize how pretty insipid they’re being. like for example, i know at least this one girl who used to be a very high paid supermodel that got photographed by bigshot famous photographers, and even she has decided to be an expensive haute call girl. so i can undoubtedly see how somebody like poor little young asley-dupré from suburban new jersey can hop on that bandwagon too.
i’m just sayin. – abbe


• oh right (!) — cue all the "abbe diaz is a whore and fucked a bunch of B-list celebs" shit! whatever. keep up the libel, mutherfukkers. i may just decide to sue one day when you become rich (likely never) or i become bored (any minute now). check it: i’ll actually win that shit too! -abbe


• whoa wait a second. doesn’t ashley-dupre kinda look a little like julia-allison here? no seriously.
okay yah maybe a lot of you have no idea what i’m talking bout (?) so forget it never mind.


• John Lequizamo was spotted twice this week (because he’s a total stalker). First on 6th Ave and 4th St, buying cones for his kids form the softee truck, sporting a dark hipster teeshirt and black worn-in jeans. Looking sharp, papi-chulo!
Our next encounter found him bright and early in the AM having a business meeting over steaming joe at Jack’s Coffee on 10th St— talking loudly, honking louder, blowing his nose into his sweatshirt, and appearing just a tad overbloated in the face.
Looking like you just got dragged through the streets tied to the back of a Vespa, papi!


• There seems to be a slight disagreement on the estimation theBreslin will open "october first."
someone (in the comments section) says:
"they are not opening the 1st. they don’t even have a kitchen yet…
if you get invited to f&f, don’t forget to bring your wallet. and don’t accept the champagne offer, trust me. -(OK then!) Inkslinger


• Everybody is buzzing about the Boom Boom Room like busy little bees.
Oh noes! Some of the buzzing is coming from inside the house!!!! -Dick Johnson



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  1. MILFweed Says:

    You should sue. The retainer for a good attorney I know would cost you $2500 but obviously you would get a goldmine worth of publicity. Trust me it is something any PR person would tell you to do.

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