Truth is Blind

September 15th, 2009 by The House


• Which restaurant owner, already frustrated from being behind schedule and over-budget, is about to get the rudest awakening yet? If this person thinks the going is tough now, wait until the restaurant is finally open and running. Is history about to repeat itself? It almost already has, since much of what has happened thus far is straight from a past endeavor’s playbook. Next time when someone knowledgeable gives you free advice, try taking it.


• Which multi-milion dollar swanky midtown eatery is failing to live up to high expectations? It does approximately "20 covers a night," and despondent staffers are desperate to jump ship. Anyone hiring?


• Which chef of a famous Italian hotspot has been secretly doing consulting work for a new establishment mere blocks away? Some of the recipes are straight off the hotspot’s menu, and the hotspot’s proprietor isn’t exactly known for his patience and magnanimity. Good thing the hotspot isn’t "all about the food" — the newcomer likely won’t ever be a daunting competitor, despite its strikingly similar dishes being offered at up to 40% cheaper than the "original."


• Which well-known chef of a popular downtown destination may be ready to throw in the towel? Speculation has it the claims of "exhaustion" might just be a bluff tactic for less hours and more money. Unfortunately, this eatery has just about "had it," and isn’t bringing anything to the table. Try not to let the door smack you on the ass…?


• Which famous restaurateur has his eyes on a beleaguered bistro? Patience, my friend. The proprietor is up to the eyeballs with pressing matters, but will eventually be eager to discuss a fair partnership. There may be a few others players on the list of potentials, though, due to its lucky lucrative location.


• Which "ambulance chasing" attorney is about to be bushwhacked? Little does he realize his fatiguingly executed "every trick in the book" tactic isn’t going to result in the succumbing surrenderous settlement he’d gambled on. Too bad he hinged all his hopes on it, since his clients couldn’t afford a proper retainer. Guess he forgot there are a lot of other tricks in the book, too.


• Which nightlife promoter was busted trying to sell one particular hotspot’s precious hard-to-score reservations? He would have been permanently nixed from the nitery as persona non grata, had he not begged for mercy and leniency. Show some dignity, man.



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