GoldBar’s Doorman is a Tool

July 31st, 2009 by Vanilla Ice


But you probably aready knew that from experience, right? Well, here’s even more confirmation.

Recently, former nightlife impresario Steve Lewis blogged about one of his many friends and acquaintances (as is his wont). Normally, his work is of the ‘take with a grain of salt’ nature – most preposterous and controvertible to those in and around the nightlife industry (comprehensibly), and most credible and tenable to – well, everyone else, I suppose (perceivably).

GoldBar’s Jon Lennon was the subject of the day on July 15, 2009. Steve Lewis’s article starts, "Nightclub 101: the door is everything." LOL! Yea, as you can well imagine, it only goes downhill from there.

The column proceeds with Lewis’s typical flotsam and bullshit jetsam, most notably in the precise words "consummate pro" to describe Doorman Lennon. It culminates with these sentiments, expressed by Lennon himself in a Q&A interview:

SL: Tell me how you educate a person.
JL: I just have a brief conversation with them. I even have taken people to the side to do it, where I say, I know you’re a nice guy, your girlfriend is very beautiful, your two friends I can’t do….

SL: You wake up in the morning and you’re doing the door, and you’re thinking…
JL: Always. That’s my personality anyway, thinking about it. I try to remember, “you’re a doorman, as much as you’re in a powerful position, you’re still just a doorman, you’re everyone’s equal.” It never gets to my head because I’d rather be a rock star…


From what I gather, this is where a certain reader (we happen to know) lost her shit. She addresses Steve Lewis via Facebook, stating:

[Abbe Diaz at 5:42pm July 15]
um, excuse me? "consummate pro"– OH RILLY.
sorry, i would never ever ever ever in a million years define telling a prospective patron [at 10PM]: "well, if he owns seven restaurants in manhattan then he can afford to take care of ME. is he asking ME for a favor? then he needs to take care of ME."
(and yes that’s a DIRECT QUOTE)
as the act of a "consummate pro."


The rest of the exchange, including Lennon’s (pedestrian and idiotic) response is here.


Yeah yeah, OK. A doorman is a stupid idiot. It’s because you couldn’t get in, right? Loser! What’s your point, Vanilla Ice? I’ve got the Media holding on Line 1, and they want to know where’s the newsflash already.

Hey, did you read the title? My point is Jon Lennon is a Tool Box. I just wanted to brag again about how brilliant I am (I’m also the "Trollai Llama" in case you didn’t know) and point out how absurdly, hilariously (and contemptibly) it all played out [scroll down the comments, starting with abbe diaz’s on July 29, 2009 4:54PM].

L O fucking L. God bless teh internets.

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6 Responses to “GoldBar’s Doorman is a Tool”

  1. Thank You! Says:

    Lennon is the biggest douchebag in NY. Thanks you so much for this. He is an asshole that is so high on himself. Not surprised that he’s a racist. I hope he gets fired from Gold Bar. He would never be able to get a job anywhere else, everyone knows what a dick he is.

  2. steve lewis Says:

    jon lennon is a friend. jon lennon is a very good doorman. hr didn’t get fired …he got promoted.. goldbar is still really great while most joints that opened at the same time are gone.. he has a great deal to do with it. i don’t need to defend my knowledge of the business to you or anyone. i am hire for my abilities and paid by industry proffessionals to design there newest ventures. if i didn’t know what i was doing i would not be hired as we all know i’m not around for my good looks or even temperment.. oh and btw …i sweat abbe diaz.. always have… steve

  3. Vanilla Ice Says:

    Yeah, Steve Lewis we know Jon Lennon is your friend. Is that why you still refuse to acknowledge that asking people (from the F&B/nightlife industry, no less) for a tip to be allowed into Gold Bar at 10PM is definitely NOT the act of a “very good doorman”?

    How often does he deny prospective patrons unless he is paid??

    Since you’re so knowledgeable, why don’t you get an owner of Gold Bar to openly state that it is standard Gold Bar policy that all doormen should ask prospective patrons for money before they are allowed entry. And based on what? Looks? Race? Age? Thinness/Obesity?

    Then I will gladly acknowledge that Jon Lennon acted according to the rules of Gold Bar and he is indeed a good “professional” doorman.

  4. Dick Johnson Says:

    We like you, Steve Lewis, but do you realize what website you’re on? We’re ALL industry professionals here; we are all hired by some of the most renowned restaurants in NY, Las Vegas and LA because of our expertise.

    We all take pride in the service we provide and we all work hard to maintain a standard far above most restaurants in the world.

    When you call someone who behaves like Lennon a professional, you insult us all. This isn’t Eater, Gawker or DBTH; we’re all insiders here who know everyone just as well as you do. Save your blaring BS about Lennon for those who simply don’t know any better.

    “Thank You!” is right. Lennon would be hard-pressed to find a job in any other outlet besides Cain group. He has made enemies everywhere with his attitude, and that is a fact.

  5. Fuck Gold Bar Says:

    “I don’t work for Serge Becker”

    Really Jonny? Are you trying to say that La Esquina and The Box is not just as elite as Gold Bar is? Huh, if some other well-known owner was sending his good customers to my place, I would say thank you. Not fuck you.

    Guess it’s a good thing that you are too busy hustling for tips at Troll Bar to go out to other place at night. Then maybe you would see what kind of reception you get at Serge’s places. Or is that what the prob is? Are you jealous of Bin and Genc??

    And yeah I know you, Steve. Give it a rest.. Jon is a joke.

  6. abbe Says:

    hi Steve Lewis!

    i luv u too

    i will leave this thread now cuz

    you knooow you don’t want to get me started on this particular subject.


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