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June 2nd, 2011 by Vanilla Ice



We’re actually getting kinda sick of new restaurants; it’s a bit tedious pointing out the same types of flaws over and over and over again and ultimately being disappointed more often than impressed. (Here’s a novel idea: why don’t you try working to improve the shitty restaurant you already have, rather than opening a new one every nine months, you greedy egomaniacal bastard?) But hey, maybe that’s just us.
Anyhoo! It’s so nice to see you! We hadn’t planned on visiting your place, probably like— ever— but the "word of mouth" on this joint has been pretty outstanding. So, ya know— we’re intrigued. We’re hoping that good "word of mouth" is all genuine, and we can get us some of that good in our mouth. Word.
What’s that? You’d love to take advantage of all our vast experience, knowledge, insight, and expertise as long as we’re already here? Because you’re hoping we’ll like it and help spread the news, since you fired your publicist long ago for not doing jack shit for you?
Of course, we’d be honored. Oh ha, yesss, we’ll be honest— brutally honest even, ha ha! After all, that’s what obnoxious opinionated food-bloggers are for!
No no please, don’t send anything more, we’re stuffed, we can’t breathe, you’ll have to roll us out of here, ha ha ha… !


Edi & the Wolf

What exactly made you choose our restaurant?
It came very highly recommended by a friend of the owners.

What was your first impression?
It’s cute. Cozy. Very Austrian all right.

Please rate the Bar:
It’s a bit cramped. Not the most accommodating of bars, but it’s nice. The bartender is proficient and knowledgeable, if not exactly amiable.

Please rate the drinks/ cocktails/ wine:
The hard stuff is N/A; beer and wine only. The selection is decent and relatively diverse, with most of the options hailing from the German/Austrian region. The prices are pretty reasonable, but I can see, in this neighborhood, how they might raise an eyebrow or two.

Please rate the Dining Room:
Charming, quaint, and rustic, but elegant. Smart and efficient use of the rather spare square footage. Very welcoming.

Please rate the BOH:
Very good. Small and simple but deftly executed menu.

How was the staff?
Eh. Having visited several times already, my overall impression is that they need to get over themselves a bit. Sure, the place may be consistently busy— but it’s the LES, and they just ain’t that fabulous. They could use a little attitude adjustment.
Like for example, during one visit I was honored to have Wolfgang Ban stop for a chat at my table wherein he informed they were planning a "late night service." So not long afterward I did drop by for a very late dinner only to be rebuffed upon inquiry with the words, "Who told you that?" After they begrudgingly alighted from their comfortable perches atop the bar, that is.
So y’know— you’re either casual and breezy or haughty and pompous; which is it? Because you just can’t be both, sorry.

What did you eat?/ How was the food?
White Tuna Crudo : Very good. Fresh, light, and tasty.
Landjäger : Nice, robust. Hey, who doesn’t love a fancy Slim Jim?
Baby back ribs :
Excellent. Fall-off-the-bone tender.
Spätzle : Absolutely delicious. Creamy, flavorful, multi-textural. I practically licked the plate.
Slow-poached Farm Eggs : Good. Hearty and satisfying.
Wiener Schnitzel : Perfect. Classic straightforward presentation done exceptionally well.
Sauteed spinach : Very nice. Just good solid food.

What did you like?
Pretty much everything, but I must say that spätzle knocks my socks off every time.

What did you dislike?
Well, I’ve definitely had Austrian service warmer than this.

What was your last impression?
Should I grab another spätzle to go…?

Would you come back?
Already have.


Thank you, and hope to see you soon!
Thanks, love it.



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