F&F: Cecconi @ Soho Beach House

December 9th, 2010 by abbe diaz


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Cecconi @ Soho House (Miami Beach)

What was your first impression?
I wonder how this location is working out for them.

Please rate the Bar:
Very nice. Charming, commodious, and welcoming. This must have been quite the scene all weekend

Please rate the drinks/ cocktails/ wine:
Oh crap. Sorry, forgot to look at the lists. I’m here for brunch, and I got a little distracted watching white truffles being scraped upon the pizza two tables over. (Were you able to afford truffle pizza when you were 22? And since when do models eat carbs, anyway?)
But the white wine by the glass recommended by our waiter (Chardonnay-Vermentino, $12/glass) was very good.

Please rate the Dining Room:
It’s pleasant. Rustic but elegant. Spacious but cozy, and smart too.

Please rate the BOH:
Better than I expected, actually. I mean, ya know— Soho House here in New York is hardly known for its food. And Miami Beach in general isn’t exactly a culinary mainstay. Throw "fabulous" in there, and the prospects don’t seem all that promising.
But then again, it’s brunch. I’d like to say you’d have to be pretty pathetic to screw up eggs, but now that I think of it, lots of restaurants I’ve visited in the past sure have messed up eggs pretty badly.
Anyway, the menu is straightforward and appealing, and the prices are more reasonable than I’d anticipated too.

How was the staff?
The hostess must be new (or maybe a wee stupid?); she could definitely use a bit more training. Is it really necessary to ask two people if they have a reservation for 3PM? And then inquire of the maitre d’ if they have "anything available" [response: "I’m suuure there’s plenty available."]? And then parade us past 8,000 empty tables all the way into the back of the dining room right next to a occupied four-top… before acquiescing to our personal request anyway? Yah, like that.
Our waiter was excellent though—
knowledgeable, proficient, and amiable. Casual but totally professional.

What did you eat?/ How was the food?
Eggs Benedict : Very good. And the accompanying tater tots (with chives?) are delicious.
Steak and eggs :
Great. Tender juicy skirt steak perfectly cooked. Pretty fairly priced at $22.
Beet salad :Good. Fresh. Tasty. And huge.
Apple-yogurt-something cake with gelato : Not quite what I expected from the description, but good. Kinda tastes more lemony than apple-y, though.

What did you like?
Pretty much everything. Best of all, now I get to say I’ve been here.

What did you dislike?
Ha haa, wellll… you know, it’s Miami Beach— some of the outfits parading by, oh my lord.

What was your last impression?
Now I kinda wish I’d come for dinner instead. The show must be spectacular.

Would you come back?
It’s kinda far from South Beach… but maybe.

Thank you, and hope to see you soon!
Thanks, it was fun.



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  1. SoBe Says:

    Chef of Soho House is from Casa Tua

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