In Memoriam: Keith A. Glascoe

September 11th, 2009 by Inkslinger


"… Rest peacefully, my Brother, I just came back from a 3 yr long assignment in Iraq, and I dare to say that Justice has been served. Farewell, my Friend, Farewell…"Damir [Palladium, Tunnel, Club USA]




The following is an excerpt from PX This:


MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2001. 12:15PM

We got terrible news. A friend that B used to work with, “Big Keith,” is missing.

Such a nice guy, big and friendly and cute and good natured and happy. He’s a firefighter and I think nearly his entire squad is gone.

The last time I saw Big Keith was at Sugar in December, and I remember I asked him if he was still thinking about joining the fire department and he replied “I’m IN the fire department!”— so we chatted like wow how fast time flies, the last time I had seen him he was just talking about thinking about joining.

And he bought me a cup of coffee another night too and I felt weird, I wasn’t sure which was more insulting— to offer him money for it or not. I didn’t know the protocol, back at the Gatien’s nobody offered money, they just went and got it the next time.

Big Keith was in the movie The Professional and he was great in it really, even though it was a small role. He played Benny (one of the corrupt cops) and he has one awesome scene where he is standing in the hallway with his gun drawn, nervous and shaking and sweating.


Actually he is so remarkable I mentioned him in “The Ministry of Speed” too, and I guess it’s silly but I liked to imagine my film would actually get made one day and Keith could play one of the doormen and it would actually be the real him they were referring to in the dialogue. Something like that.

I remember one time Keith and I were chatting outside Naked Lunch and I was recounting to him how I’d taped The Professional on the VCR and then I realized “oh whoops you probably don’t want to hear that do you?” thinking it was bad I had videotaped it instead of paying to see it in a theatre. And eeheee he was cute he insisted “No! HBO is good, I’ll take HBO!”

And B says his wife is in denial like she just expects him to come walking in the door any second and my God who can blame her? Because he was just so big and able and strong it seemed like nothing could ever take him down.

Oh my God knock on wood but if something like that were to happen to B, I would be the exact same way, I would have to see it with my own two eyes.

It’s just not the way things are supposed to be.

B was really upset when he told me.

I remember all the funny stories he used to tell about working the door at Naked Lunch, how Keith would just make him laugh and laugh all night long.

Even though B hated doorkeeping so much I know he looks back fondly and proudly because of all the good guys he knows because of it.


And even though I don’t really want to share this with those people, I feel like I want to say something to the Project Greenlighters, all those movie lovers, like they should go out and buy The Professional and tell all their friends, I just want everyone to know when they watch that movie they should look out for him and they can see how great he was and be proud for him he is such a hero.

But I am afraid it will just come out stupid or corny or something.



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12 Responses to “In Memoriam: Keith A. Glascoe”

  1. JD Says:

    Abbe, I agree with all the amazon reviews that said that all the hilarious stuff about restaurants wasn’t even the best part of your book.

    This part was definitely one of my favorites.

  2. RLH Says:

    A friend on Facebook just forwarded this to me. What a small world. Thank you, Abbe.

  3. Benny Nieves Says:

    Wow. It’s been a long time. I knew Keith. We had several things in common. We worked security for N.Y’s most popular clubs and we were fellow thespians. It’s was a shock to just find out about Keith. You know, you get caught up in your own life and time just flies by. A stern and swift reminder to CHERISH each moment given to you by the all mighty God with your loved ones and friends. He was quite a Gent. I feel privilieged and honered to have known him. My prayers and condolences to his loved ones. You are missed buddy.

  4. Inkslinger Says:

    I just got an email about this, so I am going to post all the comments that were on Facebook in case anyone else finds this thread, so they can also see all the nice thoughts that people have expressed.

  5. Tracey R. Says:

    Wow..big k always had a smile will be missed…

  6. Tracy S. Says:

    OMG! So sad. The Professional is an all time favorite. I remember the nite we ALL went to see that movie. We had soooo much fun. RIP Big K

  7. Jeff T. Says:

    Keith was the Biggest sweet heart, That made 911 personal for me. RIP

  8. Chris H. Says:

    Yes he worked for me on many videos. He was a very warm, funny and talented brother.

  9. Andrea R. Says:

    i remember running into him on the 1 train (so vivid of a memory), right after the movie was released. he stayed so sweet and so humble, even as people crowded around him as we waited in the station. not knowing all those years prior that he was interested in acting, i was so happy for his success. it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. and we couldn’t have lost a much nicer guy either. what an amazing example of a beautiful person.
    while 9/11 was such an evil tragedy, knowing keith left us while helping others, is a bitter sweet sadness for me.

  10. Steve Lewis Says:

    thanks abbe…. wow

  11. Damir Says:

    Sooo many nights, years, that we shared at “The Big Kahuna”, “Tattoo’s?” and a bunch of other NY Top clubs…
    It is not a Friendship that developed between us but more like a Brotherhood… I always felt safe when he was watching my back, and it was quite often… And I am thankful to Frank Giresi who always teamed us up, so I got to know Keith very well. He was a Gentle Giant! Big Heart, and always there to help You with anything…
    Rest peacefully, my Brother, I just came back from 3 yr long assignment in Iraq, and I dare to say that Justice has been served.
    Farewell, my Friend, Farewell…

  12. Anthony P James Jr Says:

    I Believe BIG Keith is in HEAVEN where he should be……… Still LOVE u HOMIE…..

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